Gap at CET Jordan: Virtual Intensive Language and Culture

ACTFL Oral proficiency INTERVIEW

An ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) score is an objective measure of your language progress and level. With 24 terms’ worth of data, it’s clear CET Jordan students make significant progress at any level. And if you’re an advanced learner, staying for another term more than doubles your Arabic progress. 

Virtually Intern in Amman

Before the term begins, on-site staff match your language abilities, interests, and academic background with a local organization. If you choose to intern, you work on projects for roughly 10 hours/week and meet regularly with your internship supervisor.

Placement Examples

National Association for Family Empowerment (NAFE)

NAFE works to combat discrimination and violence against women and girls in Jordan, and works for the rights of both men and women to participate in socioeconomic activities equally. You might develop and review promotional materials in English and Arabic, edit reports and proposals, grow and manage NAFE’s presence in the sphere of social media, virtually conduct interviews with clients and beneficiaries in the field, or help develop English-language training and materials for staff, among other tasks.

Partners Jordan

Helps support local capacity building and the overall efforts for the advancement of Jordan’s civil society organizations. You might work to develop and execute the communication and social media strategy for the organization, which includes managing social media accounts and content, increasing online community engagement and follower counts, and coordinating the monthly schedule and strategy across all platforms for maximum visibility among partners and donors.

University of Jordan Center for Women's Studies

An independent department within the university that specializes in women’s issues at both local and global levels. As an intern, you might assist in data collection for ongoing research on gender and women’s studies in Jordan, research and compile current resources to supplement the department’s curricula, or help in the development of a database for research topics relevant to the field.

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