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When it comes to study abroad, preparation is key—no matter who you are. What housing options exist for gender diverse students in Italy? What’s the local climate towards issues and individuals of underrepresented communities in Osaka? Is Taiwan difficult to navigate with a mobility aid? No two study abroad experiences are the same, but we’re here to help no matter where you’re headed.

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Identity-Related Blogs & Photo Essays

Location-specific info on cultural climates, accommodations, etc., and alumni-created sources to help navigate identity abroad.

Identity Abroad Support Network

Connect with alumni to get your identity-related questions answered. You can access this network once you’ve started an application. 

Perspective Pieces

Alumni-written essays that reflect upon how their own identity affected their time abroad (both successes and challenges).

Identity Abroad Scholarship

The CET Identity Abroad Scholarship awards three students per term. $3,000 for fall/spring programs and $2,500 for summer programs.

Identity Abroad Scholarship

CET is committed to creating inclusive program environments that reflect the diversity of the world in which we live. To support this mission, the CET Identity Abroad Scholarship is awarded to first-generation college students and students from racial/ethnic minority groups studying with CET. Priority is given to students who also demonstrate financial need. Three awards are given each term: $3,000 for fall/spring programs and $2,500 for summer programs.

CET Jordan: Academic Consultation Board

Over the years, we’ve built a strong network of locally-based faculty that we’re proud to call our peers. These faculty make up our Academic Consultation Board—a select group of local voices and thought leaders that help advise and shape components of the CET Jordan program. 

Board members support the program in many ways, including but not limited to:

Academic Consultation Board Members

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