Virtual Language Training Programs

Virtual Language Training: At-A-Glance

Virtual, one-on-one instruction
for personalized learning
Flexible hours and schedule
Experienced language instructors
from CET's on-site programs
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Whether you’re a CET alumnus looking to maintain your language gains from abroad, a total beginner interested in a new language, or a working professional aiming to attain a certain level of proficiency, Virtual Language Training is tailored to suit your needs and interests. 

Customize your language training

Choose hourly custom language training packages or up the ante with a for-credit language course that follows a CET syllabus:

Customize your training program to fit your learning goals and schedule. You get live, one-on-one virtual sessions with a CET language instructor, scheduled at a mutually convenient time. 

The pace, content, and even how you learn is up to you. Focus on a specific realm of vocabulary or mode of learning. Need to improve your listening skills? Want to get back to where you were post-study abroad? We can help with that. Or if you’re a total beginner looking to jumpstart your language learning, we can help you get started on the right foot.

Hourly Custom Language Training

Hourly packages

Choose the amount of language training that best suits yours goals: 

Note: The approximated hours per week is based on your total language hours over a 10-week period. You can distribute your total language hours according to your own needs. 

For more structured learning with proof of all you’ve accomplished, choose for-credit virtual instruction. This option provides one-on-one virtual sessions with a CET instructor that follows a college-level language syllabus and grants college credits with a transcript from the University of Minnesota.

Access the same textbooks, resources, and assignments as CET students abroad. This option typically requires more hours per week—both in session and out-of-class preparation—as you complete assignments for a grade. Studying Arabic? You also receive an ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) Certificate as another objective measure of your Arabic language progress and level.

For-credit Virtual Language Courses

For-credit packages

Choose the language and amount of college credits you would like: 

Goal-oriented, one-on-one language training

Whether you’re looking to dust off language skills from previous years, obtain a specific proficiency level, or you’re trying to get ahead of schedule with some college credit, we work with you to help you achieve your language goals. 

Learning on your schedule

Work with your instructor to create a 10-week program that works for you—commit to the same number of weekly hours, front-load your sessions, or even schedule around busy weeks in your calendar. Once your schedule is set, you and your instructor meet regularly to get after your language goals. 

One-on-one flexibility

With one-on-one sessions, we work with you to determine the pace, content, and even how you learn. Choose to have homework assignments or opt for local TV and music to be integrated into your sessions. Focus on a specific realm of vocabulary like business or politics. Or simply get started learning a new language or refresh dormant skills from previous years. Whatever your goal might be, we’re here to help you achieve it.

Experienced instructors

Get the top-tier quality of CET language instruction from the comfort of your home. Our teachers are passionate, invested in your progress, and experienced in effective virtual instruction. And because each of them comes from a study abroad background, you get an unparalleled level of expertise in your one-on-one sessions.

Live, online sessions

No need to factor in commute time—your language training is entirely virtual. All you need is a computer, high-speed internet, a webcam, and headphones with a microphone.

"I can't recommend this program enough! I loved having an instructor based in China so that we could talk about real-time societal issues in a cultural exchange. I also really can't emphasize how accommodating and encouraging my instructor was. She was strict when she needed to be (ex., correcting my tone and grammar mistakes) but was very open and encouraging of discussion."
"Virtual Language Training (VLT) works very well for those like me who have have specific goals (HSK 6 prep, improving intermediate and advanced grammar, working on reading skills) and you have a full work schedule. VLT offers high-quality instruction, adapts to your needs, and can fit into a full-time work schedule."
"My Arabic proficiency has dramatically increased, considering I had absolutely no knowledge of the language 2 months ago. The staff was phenomenal and so welcoming. I would rate my teacher and academic partner a 10/10. My director was very kind as well. Hopefully, when it is safe to travel, I can actually visit Jordan in person."
"Leading up to the course, I specified that I wanted to only learn about cultural and political issues in China, as opposed to studying more colloquial or day to day topics. Lin Laoshi did not disappoint and provided me with an amazing 11 topics that were all intimate looks into Chinese culture. I also love how she often provided me with 2-3 topic options every time we transitioned topics, allowing me to really choose topics that suited my interests."
"I would not be able to study at this level if it wasn't for this program. It's very rare to find a good program like this that doesn't require you to travel somewhere for a large span of time or to be enrolled in an academic institution."
"My instructor was very understanding of what topics I wanted to discuss and would go above and beyond to accommodate my wishes. For example, despite wanting to focus mostly on cultural topics, I also wanted to learn about sales and marketing in China. So, my instructor created a whole new lesson for one week so that I would be able to learn vocabulary that would be useful to my job."
"I wanted to brush up on my Arabic skills so that I could be on track to return to a similar proficiency level as when I was living and working in Jordan, and I feel that I achieved that. By the final course, I felt totally confident speaking with Aseel and sharing my opinions on various topics that we covered in class."
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Program Fees

Fees vary by enrolled hours and program selected.





Hourly Custom Language Training

One-on-one language training for either Arabic or Chinese.

For-Credit Virtual Language Classes

One-on-one language training that follows a college-level syllabus and grants academic credit with a transcript from the University of Minnesota.

Take 5% of your program fee when you do more than one term. Plus, have a referral from someone who’s already doing a CET program? List them in your application and you both get a $50 discount! 

How to Enroll

•  Must be 16 or older; younger students will be considered on a case-by-case basis
•  Students currently enrolled at a university must have home institution approval
•  Open to language learners of all levels—from total beginners to advanced learners with specific goals.

Register through your online CET account. This is a brief form that asks for basic information and has a few short answer questions about your language goals and current enrollment status, if any. 



Get your questions answered

Have a question? Get in touch!

Melanie MacKenzie

Manager, Student Services 
[email protected]

Have a question? Get in touch!

Annie Belleville

Student Services Coordinator
[email protected]

Price Subject to Change:

CET reserves the right to increase quoted charges at any time without prior notification, based on increased instruction costs, exchange rate fluctuation or other cost increases beyond CET’s control.

CET Jordan: Academic Consultation Board

Over the years, we’ve built a strong network of locally-based faculty that we’re proud to call our peers. These faculty make up our Academic Consultation Board—a select group of local voices and thought leaders that help advise and shape components of the CET Jordan program. 

Board members support the program in many ways, including but not limited to:

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