Gap Year Programs Abroad

More Than Just Credits

Sure, college credits give you a head start come your first semester at school. But a gap program at CET does more than that—it expands your world and informs your future in more ways than one. Maybe a new-found passion for Chinese language makes you rethink what you’ll major in. Maybe a conversation with your Japanese roommate challenges preconceptions you didn’t realize you had. Or maybe your volunteer assignments in Italy or Jordan inspire a career path you never considered before. At a CET program, there’s no limit to where your learning might take you.

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Experience You Can Trust

Our first program opened in Beijing in 1982 and we’ve since brought our programs all over Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. Lessons learned over the years have informed and improved every aspect of our programs: curricula, health and safety protocols, student support, staff training, housing and even local social sustainability. So when you’re abroad, you’re not just taking language classes—you’re reaping the benefits of a program over 35 years in the making.

Language Skills You Can Be Proud Of

CET Gap programs offer you the opportunity to learn a language and navigate college-level academics in an attentive and supportive environment. Your classes are small in size and your peers are other motivated gap students and college undergraduates from prestigious universities all over the country. And after class, your coursework is supplemented by activities and a local community that cares about your progress. With a tried-and-true intensive curriculum and in-country immersion, you’ll have the language skills, insight, and experience to test out of foreign language requirements or start college ahead of the pack.

The Support You Need

From visa support and pre-departure guides, to on-site orientation and round-the-clock emergency assistance, we’ve got your back. We make the process of getting abroad simple and straightforward, but should you have a question, we’re just a phone call away. Once you’re on the ground, overseas staff ensure you’ve got the tools to navigate and thrive in a new country and culture. And as a gap student, you’ll attend weekly check-in meetings in English for a little extra support in your new home away from home.