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Why study abroad in the summer?

You’re busy. Double majors, part-time jobs, athletics, performances, Greek life, volunteering…there’s a lot that goes into being a student these days. Time and time again, students tell us: “I can’t leave school for a whole semester!”

Summer study abroad is the answer. Study abroad on a CET summer program and get the best of both worlds. You get the same destinations. The same emphasis on immersion. The same opportunity to live with a local roommate. The same excellence in academics. But you won’t depart until after spring term ends and you’ll be back on campus by the fall, along with the 6 to 9 credits you earned.

Of course, once you get overseas, if you change your mind and decide that your double major can wait, you can easily extend your CET summer study abroad experience through the fall semester, or even through the academic year. No planning ahead necessary.