Photo Essay: CET Prague

Written by Isaiah Tulanda, (Claremont McKenna College) Student Correspondent CET Film Production at FAMU, Spring 2019

Spring is in full bloom in Prague! This shot was taken walking past Portheimka park in Prague 5, down the street from my apartment.

One cool optional weekend trip offered by CET: attending the Jeden svět (One world) film festival that was in Brno, Czech Republic at that time. This was taken from an overpass above one of the main thoroughfares in the city, the second biggest in the country behind Prague.

Another great optional trip offered by CET: traveling to the mining town of Jáchymov and the spa city of Karlovy Vary in one weekend. This was taken as we were walking out of a uranium cave in Jáchymov. A lot of this mining was done by political prisoners during the era of Communism, and we even had a former political prisoner speak with us about his experiences at Jáchymov. That was truly an informative and engaging experience that I am thankful for.

This was a building that was part of the camp compound at Jáchymov. If I am remembering properly, this was where those at the camp (which had political prisoners and day laborers working together) showered and/or received their uniforms.

A scenic hillside in the sleepy town of Jáchymov.

Fellow CET, Film Production at FAMU program members and I enjoying an oplatky in Karlovy Vary, a tourist destination spa town that is sister cities with Carlsbad, California. Oplatky is a large wafer, sometimes sandwiched with a sweet filling in between. I believe mine has caramel in the photo.

A mandatory trip that the film/photography/new media students in CET Prague went on was to Berlin. This began at the historical studio Babelsberg, one of the largest film studios in the world and the birthplace of Optimus Prime, among a plethora of other film classics that have been produced by the studio. This is me behind the desk used in the Wes Anderson film Grand Budapest Hotel.

Spring means people (mostly tourists, one would assume) are out on the Vltava river in pedal boats. This was taken from Most Legií (Legion Bridge), looking down at water-borne passersby.

I could not give up the opportunity to ride down the river, so I rented a pedal boat with a couple of friends as well (200 CZK or roughly $10 for an hour, what a deal!). This photo is of Karlův most (Charles Bridge) from the water.

A friend from back at school came to visit during her own abroad travels, this is us on the river together!

An incoming tram at the Národní divadlo (National theater) tram stop around rush hour

The street Staré Město in Prague 1, where the growing number of tourists visiting the city can be found.

A view of the Olšanské hřbitovy cemetery and neighboring buildings in Prague 3 from the high-rise apartment in which I shot my end of the semester short film, a requirement of the program.

A view of Žižkovská televizní věž (Žižkov Television Tower) from the same apartment. I was too far away for you too see but this tower also features large sculptures of babies crawling up and down the tower, added by none other than Czech Artist David Černý.