Photo Essay: CET Jordan

Photos by Julia Rapp, (American University) Student Correspondent CET Jordan Internship in Amman, Spring 2017


The Jarwan building or the CET building is where CET students reside. Included in the apartments are balconies, 1-2 bathrooms 1-3 bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen room all fully furnished. The students get assigned to live with other Americans and one Jordanian roommate who helps them out with their Arabic.


A bench in the colorful Jubeiha neighborhood.


The neighborhood of Jebel Al Weibdeh or Old City Amman contains a lot of graffiti.


One of the many pieces of graffiti in Old City Amman or Jebel Al Weibdeh.


Graffiti and books laid out in a corridor in Jebel Al Weibdeh or Old City Amman. This corridor leads to stairs which brings you to downtown Amman.


“Jo-Bedu” is a locally owned clothing store in Old City Amman or Jebel Al Weibdeh. It provides clothing and accessories with plays on words and funny sayings in English and Arabic such as Free دم or “Freedom” It describes itself as an Arab Streetwear brand. They have an online store and two branches in Amman.


Palm trees are common in Jordan as it has a tropical environment that allows them to flourish. Don’t let the palm tree fool you though-from December to March it’s still a little chilly in Jordan.


A produce market near the CET apartment buildings where the CET students frequent due to cheap prices. Above the produce market is a framed photo of Abdullah II of Jordan, the Jordanian King. It is common in places of business and education to have framed photos of the King and Prince Hussein.


Taken at The Mosaic Shop in Old City Amman, or Jabal Al-Lweidah. For 15 dinar an hour volunteers can make their own pottery/mosaic with help of a trainer. Jewelery, pots, key chains plates and other accessories/homeware are for sale.


The shopping center along Ahmad At Tarawenah in Jubeiha includes hookah bars, barber shops and saydaliats (pharmacies).


The CET Students live and attend school at the University of Jordan along Ahmad At Tarawenah Street in Jubeiha. Along the street they have access to cafe’s where they can drink shay or tea and gawah or coffee, shop for cheap produce, buy pastries, visit the sadaliyat or pharmacy, smoke hookah and study at Hollywood Café or shop at the mall on a nearby street. There are many taxis that come by which students use for their prime transportation. A nearby mosque signals a Call to Prayer which can be heard throughout the day.


The View is a hookah bar and café where University of Jordan students frequent. It is right near the university. Many locals spend the night there smoking hookah and watching games and students spend the morning and day there drinking shay (tea) or gawah (coffee) and doing coursework.


North Gate entrance of the University of Jordan, only a 10 minute walk from the CET apartments. The University of Jordan is where CET students take their classes which include an Arabic course, an internship course if they are in the Internship program, and a content course about the Arab World or Middle East.


The Wedding Chapel or Party Hall is a common place where Jordanian citizens go to celebrate special events. The CET apartments is directly across from this and parties happen throughout the week. Arabic music coming from the building can be heard in the apartments-but don’t worry it’s not too late at night and you can sleep easily!