Photo Essay: CET Jordan

Photos by Keightley Dudgeon (Western Kentucky University) Student Correspondent CET Jordan, Summer 2017

The city of Petra in southern Jordan is comparable to Amman, the city which is located in northern Jordan and home to CET students and the University of Jordan.


Aseel, a CET Arabic Language professor, looks over her notes before interacting with students. Speaking and participation are highly important in class for Arabic language students in the CET program.


A few CET students enjoyed a night of rock climbing in Amman with Jordanian locals.


CET students enjoyed a traditional meal of kobsa, mansaf, and Arabic salad after an afternoon spent at the Dead Sea.


CET students were able to visit Petra in southern Jordan, also known as the Rose City. This historical landmark included difficult hikes and breathtaking views.


This view is from one of the highest points in Petra. CET students were able to enjoy a cup of chai and chat with locals from this outlook point.


CET students ventured into Wadi Rum desert. Each group of students had a driver that stopped at various sites in the desert.


Students enjoyed a traditional Bedouin breakfast after a night in Wadi Rum.

Students made a traditional Arabic dish, called kobsa, after their long trip. The dish consists of rice, chicken, raisins, nuts, and various spices.