Photo Essay: CET Jordan

Photos by Matthew Stebenne, (American University) Student Correspondent CET Jordan: Intensive Language, Spring 2017

A cat in Wadi Rum.


Going over adjectives in class with Ines, my professor, and Tasmin, the TA.


The roses outside my apartment.


The campus of the University of Jordan during the weekend.


My professor Ines serves the Mansef (the national dish of Jordan) that we made together for our final cooking class.


My usual setup on weekends. Doing work in a cafe on Rainbow Street.


Keepin’ it quirky in Weibdeh, Amman.


Oud (the traditional Arabic perfume).


Kids running outside Irbid, Jordan.


Good ol’ lettuce truck.


“Oprah: The woman that doesn’t know failure”.


A professor in the class before mine has some wonderful handwriting/calligraphy.


Some restaurants on Rainbow Street are a quiet and hidden from the hustle and bustle of Amman.


Most likely the best strawberries I have every had in my life.


Some sections of the University of Jordan Library are not the most organized…