Photo Essay: CET Florence

Photos by Tessa Carreiro, (Brandeis University) CET Florence, Fall 2017

gelato man

Europe’s Gelato Festival was held in Florence. What a way to end the week. I don’t know who was more excited: me about getting this cone of gelato or this gelato maker for winning the competition!



I was holding up the tower while Anna was using her mind power to push it over. I think supporting the tower was a Pisa cake.


Bologna tower

The top of tower wasn’t high enough for me and Kelsey so we decided to stand on the ledge after climbing all 400 steps to the top. What a view of Bologna!


Bargello statues

Bargello houses the most amazing pieces of art. How did I get so lucky to be able to come here as part of my Renaissance Art and Architecture class?


drawing sculptures

The field trips my sketchbook class goes on are my favorite! What better way to practice then by drawing the sculptures in Piazza della Signoria!


friends on bridge

After a beautiful day in Venice and a CET organized dinner, a late night walk to the Ponte di Rialto was the perfect close to the day! I don’t know which was better: the dinner or the view we got of the the Venetian buildings reflecting in the water.



I thing I might change my dream job to being a gondoliers if it means I can work in these canals all day!


Mountains in Oberbozen

The Dolomite Mountains are a mighty nice view! Spent the weekend in Northern Italy in the crisp Alpine air. This view was brought to you from the little town of Oberbozen.