Global Solutions

Looking to expand your global initiatives? We can help. Not only do we have experienced staff and established centers all over the globe, our competencies extend far beyond study abroad. Together with our parent organization, Academic Travel Abroad, we offer a broad spectrum of services that span consulting, financial management and compliance, alumni cultivation and event planning, continuing and professional education, inbound students, and even high school and bridge programs. Let us help you diversify your global footprint and fulfill your institution’s strategic priorities.

Internationalize with CET

Collaboration is Key

We understand that each institution has its own framework and priorities for global engagement, and we welcome the challenges and innovations that close collaboration can bring. When working with a partner, our strategy for success is genuine, two-way collaboration. We work with you to craft a strategy–and programs and services that deliver on it–that meet your unique needs, and we welcome the creative offerings that our partners bring to our own portfolio. Helping you to grow and expand helps us to do the same.

Your Trusted Resource in the US and Abroad

Working internationally comes with its own set of challenges, like observing foreign laws, working with local governments, dealing with global or regional crises, or navigating different cultures and languages. With over 70 years of operation and counting, we’ve already done the heavy lifting. We are legally registered and compliant in all countries where we run programs. With decades of on-the-ground experience, robust response procedures, and staff that are carefully trained in crisis prevention and management, you can trust us with your global initiatives.

Meet Your International Goals

Your goals are wide-ranging and ambitious—increasing the number of students studying abroad and increasing the numbers of international students on your campus, establishing your own centers around the world, and supporting faculty research and exchange. Partnership could mean anything from consulting to customized study abroad programs to faculty development, or even alumni cultivation. No matter where you are in the process or how ambitious your internationalization goals are, we can help. With your ideas and our decades of experience—in program development, student life, legal and financial compliance, risk management and emergency response, and institutional relationships abroad—we can support you in whatever direction you want to go.

One Partner, Endless Possibilities

We’ve got what you need for internationalization support.

Customized study abroad programs

Short-term: University of Minnesota Hmong Language
Winter term: University of Iowa in India
Semester-long: University of Wisconsin in Florence

International student recruitment and support

Inbound Summer Program in DC for Chinese Students; Kalamazoo College Scholarship for Chinese International Students

Consulting on international programs

Schwarzman Scholars Program; Northern Virginia Community College

Alumni travel program management

University of Virginia; Yale University; MIT

Donor cultivation

National Museum of American History; Brookings Institution

Conference and event planning

Babson Connect Worldwide; Career Integration Conference

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