CET Japan

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Lauren Tofano

CET Japan, Spring 2017
Cornell University
[email protected]

“The CET program in Osaka is, in my opinion, one of the best study abroad programs in Japan.  If you want to learn Japanese and live in a way that is more closely aligned with how it is truly like to live in Japan (vs. living in a bubble where your only friends are other American students studying abroad), then this is the program for you.”

Ben Percival

CET Japan, Fall 2016
Brandeis University
[email protected]

“This experience has opened my mind to the world (met so many people from all over the world while I was in Japan) and also made me decide to live in Japan in the future. The staff members for CET were very nice and always willing to offer their support. The teachers were also encouraging and tried their best to make learning the language easy. My roommate when I was there is one of my best friends to this day. I really miss my life in Japan!”