High School & Pre-College Programs Abroad

Epic Summer. College Credit. Lifelong Impact.

High School & Pre-College Programs

Why study abroad in high school?

Prepare for college academics. Broaden your horizons. Experience transformational personal growth. Need another reason to study abroad on a CET high school/pre-college program?

You’ll earn college credit, too.

High school study abroad programs at CET, as an alternative to pre-college programs on US campuses, get you the pre-college credit, college-level preparation, and academic enrichment you need…and you’ll have the summer of your life while you’re at it.

Choose from wonderful study abroad destinations and engaging academic themes. Discover food, art, and sports in Italy. Explore technology and entrepreneurship in China. College faculty members serve as your teachers, and experienced resident staff support you every step of the way.

You’ll return from your summer enriched, engaged, and ready to shine in any college classroom. Your newly minted language skills and newly honed intercultural skills will add depth to any college application you choose to complete. And the college credit you earn will put you one step closer to earning your college degree.