CET Shanghai

Shanghai, China

There are many ways to describe Shanghai. It’s cosmopolitan. This international metropolis attracts visitors from all over the world, and rivals New York and London as a global financial center. It’s chic. Shanghai tops Tokyo as Asia’s most fashion-forward city. It’s accessible. Shanghai boasts one of the best transportation systems in the world, making it easy to commute to work, head to Hangzhou for the weekend, or take the high-speed train all the way to Tibet. It’s classic. Underneath the glamour and shine, Shanghai has history and charm. Take a walking tour through art deco neighborhoods. Peek into a hidden villa or garden. Or while away an afternoon people-watching on the Bund.

There is simply no other city like Shanghai.

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Local Roommates

Want to know which vendors sell the freshest lychee or the best shao bing (baked flat bread)? Where to go rock climbing or skateboarding? What to shop for at the creative market? Sharing a room with a local roommate gives you instant insider’s access to the city. More importantly, it gives you someone to share the city with.

Donghua University

The program is located at Donghua University’s downtown campus, which means home base for the semester is right in the center of the city. The campus is vibrant—you’ll pass groups of students chatting on the green, studying in the coffeeshop, or heading to an exhibit by one of China’s emerging artists.

The neighborhood is charming, with tree-lined streets, European architecture and famous Dingxi Road, one of Shanghai’s food streets. Grab a jianbing (Chinese breakfast burrito) before hopping on the metro for a quick commute to work.

Housing & Meals

You’ll share a room with a local roommate in Donghua University’s international student dormitory. The dormitory has an open courtyard layout, meaning plenty of sunshine and easy “meet for lunch later?” shouts from the windows to the courtyard below.

Dorm rooms are simple but comfortable, with basic furnishings, private bathrooms and internet access.

For meals, take your pick of campus cafeterias, nearby noodle shops or neighborhood restaurants.

Student Voice
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