Photo Essay: CET Jordan

Photos by Syeda Siddiqi, (American University) Student Correspondent CET Jordan: Internship, Spring 2019

For someone who’s afraid of heights, I seem to climb a lot of them in Amman but the views are worth it. Especially if it’s on top of the Roman Theatre in Amman.


See what I mean.


The flowers are always colorful regardless of the time of day. They’re there to make you smile even when Amman is dark.


At this time of the semester is when we drown in a sea of midterms and essays being torn apart by papercuts but seeing flowers grow in the cracks of concrete reminds us that academics are only a part of the experience and that we are meant to flourish here.


Amman may be cold but you’ll always feel the warmth of the people and sometimes the random fires!


Going to Um Qays was an adventure but also a test of willpower to not succumb to the need to do parkour on these rooftops.


The Backstreet Boys but as Roman columns and in Amman.


He walks nonchalantly accepting pets and chewing on articles of clothing that are clearly not food, but alas he is an adventurous young man and he needs to fulfill his wanderlust.


My expression says it all as I stand at the edge of a cliff and gaze at Syria from Jordan.


We’re here for biblical bodies of water especially Lake Tiberias where Jesus walked on water.


Here is the young man accepting a pet while eyeing her foot which he later chewed on like it his own.


The young man’s older brother who is hard at work trying to impress the tourists swishing his tail and being obedient while his brother wanders wreaks havoc on people’s clothing. Is it clear who supports the family.


New flowers near ruins that stood tall for years upon years, these flowers hope to stand just as tall.


It’s almost as if Jordan was made to match the sky no matter where you look the country is ready to look just as beautiful as the sky.


We saw many temples of the Roman gods while on our short trip to Gerash. I wonder if the old gods still wander these temples and watch people climb all over them.


There’s really no time to be sad when there’s so much to be happy about in Jordan.


Of course, dancing is part of the academic course load in Jordan. I’m really saying this because there are no words to describe what’s happening in this picture.


A few shadows exploring the city of Amman in the night. Where the lights only shine of certain parts like a quest in a video game.