Photo Essay: CET Japan

Photos by Rina Lindenmayer, (Soka University of America) Student Correspondent CET Japan, Fall 2017

The CET study abroad students and the local Japanese hosts had a sushi social where we were able to celebrate finishing orientation and get to know each other better!


In order to combat increasing levels of sexual harassment towards young women on trains in Japan, trains began including women-only passenger cars in the early 2000s. This photo is of the JR train platform where a train gate is posted with a sign informing female passengers where to stand in order to enter the women-only car.


There are many restaurants within walking distance of Osaka Gakuin where students can eat their lunch. This particular shop is called an okonomiyaki-ya, where a staple Osakan comfort food, okonomiyaki, is sold along with other food items such as yaki-udon (pictured), yaki-soba, and other savory items.


CET students are taken to a emergency information center in Osaka, where students learn about safety information for earthquakes and other emergency situations, and and get involved in various activities meant to help us learn important skills needed in emergency situations. In this photo, students are learning how to use and aim fire extinguishers in a mock kitchen fire set up.


A popular tourist spot well known for its vibrant, eye-catching signs is Shinsekai. In this area, you can the large pufferfish (pictured) of Zuboraya and visit Tsutenkaku (“Tower Reaching Heaven”), built with inspiration from the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.


Another famous tourist spot is Kuromon Ichiba, a large marketplace well known for its various shops that sell anything from food and groceries to clothing and trinkets.


Students get some free time to explore Kuromon Ichiba, so we settled down in a takoyaki shop for some good eats!


Dotonbori is well known for its large Glico sign, which also lights up at night, popular with both tourists and locals. We could see a lot of people doing group photos mimicking its iconic pose.


Japan is well known for its character shops whose themes are centered around a certain character or characters. From the decorations to the food, this character shop had Gudetama decorations everywhere! The food can be a bit pricey than other regular restaurants, so be prepared to spend some money if you’d like to eat a meal.