Photo Essay: CET Japan

Photos by Suji Kim, (Emory University) Student Correspondent CET Japan, Summer 2017

A sky view of Kobe, a city only 30-40 minutes away from Osaka Gakuin University, it is a popular place for students to go visit during the weekend. There are very popular places and many delicious restaurants as Chinatown is located here.


Pictured is a group of international students having dinner together at Sushi-ro, a kaiten sushi restaurant or in English, conveyor belt sushi. As popular as it is in America, it is just as popular here in Japan. Definitely will miss this when we go back to America!


During the same field trip pictured above, our class had the chance to eat together at this buffet style restaurant. The CET program brings not only Japanese and international students together but other international students together as well. Spending two months with each other has formed great friendships.


There are many types of wagashi, differentiated by different ingredients and shapes. The one in the picture has a red bean filling and is in the shape of the morning glory flower.


During the program, there are several field trips that allow students to engage and learn the Japanese culture. During this field trip, students made wagashi, which are Japanese confections often enjoyed with tea. The sweet taste of the wagashi combined with the bitterness of the Japanese tea results in a very delicious experience.


This is a night view of the Gion Festival, the biggest one in Japan. The duration is for the entire month of July but every year, a parade takes place on few selected days of the month. There are many food stalls where visitors can taste some of the most delicious street foods and snacks.


The torii is a traditional Japanese gate that is commonly found at the entrance of or within the Shinto shrine, and this one is a famous one located in the heart of Kyoto. During one’s visit in Japan, one will run into these torii quite often.


During the duration of the CET program, the students partake in a project for the duration about a month. Students visit a store of their choice in a local shopping street and present what they’ve learned to the local residents and other Japanese students. It is a great way to practice the language with locals and experience the Osaka-ben first hand!


Our housemates all at the Gion Festival! It was a very hot day in Japan but definitely a wonderful first Japanese festival experience. There are many festivals during the summer in Japan, and it is worth going to at least one during one’s stay.