Photo Essay: CET Japan

Photos by Suji Kim, (Emory University) Student Correspondent CET Japan, Summer 2017

Representing CET at Dotonbori in front of the billboard displaying the runner crossing a finishing line, commonly portrayed as the icon of Osaka. Dotonbori is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Osaka, with many different shops along the Dotonbori canal.


A view of the city of Osaka from Tsutenkaku, a well-known landmark of Osaka. Historically a merchant city, Osaka is known as the “nation’s kitchen,” especially known for takoyaki and okonomiyaki.


A view of our neighbors’ house. I am currently living at Aikawa, one train station away from the local university I am studying at.


Representing CET in front of a traditional Japanese house in Suita, Osaka. The house was donated to the city of Suita just ten years ago and reflects traditional Japanese architecture as well as the culture.


A glimpse of the traditional Japanese house that we visited in Suita, Osaka. This picture provides a view of the rock garden that reflects Zen and finding rest in nature.


Members of the CET program on our way back from our visit to the Asahi Beer Factory. Asahi Breweries is a leading brewery and soft drink company in Japan, and one of the factories is in Suita, Osaka. We could see the entire process as well as sample the beer!


Spending weekends with housemates is another great way to learn about the culture in Japan. These new friendships make this experience abroad even more invaluable!


Candid photo of my roommate and me! Although Japanese roommates are busy with part-time jobs and classes, being able to practice Japanese with them is the best part of the immersion experience.


Welcome party with all the international and Japanese students at Osaka Gakuin University. We are all looking forward to a wonderful summer!