Photo Essay: AICAD in Japan

Photos by Yichen Wei, (Maryland Institute College of Art) Student Correspondent AICAD in Japan, Spring 2019

Kimono event with roommates and friends. The weather is so nice! It was a long time to wear the Kimono but it was such a amazing experience.

Celebrating roommate’s birthday. We went to eat yakiniku ( Japanese BBQ) and it was delicious!

A rainy night on the street of Kyoto. The rain and the light add beauty and mystery to the street.

A beautiful sculpture beside the sea in Teshima, Okayama. Visited the island during Golden week and it was breathtaking.

The beach at Naoshima, Okayama.

Found a old shrine in the island, too!

At the farewell party of CET program with classmates. Can’t believe our Japanese class is ending!

The classroom in Osaka University of Arts. They have a vast campus including all kinds of facilities.

Me walking around the beautiful historical street of Kobe.