AICAD in Japan

An AICAD in Japan student mixes pigments

New Levels of Creativity

Let Japan’s artistic traditions inspire you—stroll through shrines, admire pottery, gaze up at cherry blossom trees in full bloom. Or maybe it’s the day-to-day that will be your muse—a late-night chat with your Japanese roommate, a people-watching session on a rush-hour train, the many shapes and colors of fish at the market. Either way, you’ll find yourself bursting with ideas and creativity.

Local Connections

Between your local roommate, your art professors, and your Japanese peers, it won’t be long before you find yourself with a local network. Just ask alumni! With the help of his Japanese roommate, one former student found an Osaka venue to exhibit his work after graduation. Another linked up with the owners of an art gallery and returned to Japan on a Fulbright Fellowship to work with them.

Full Support & Assistance

You are not venturing to Japan alone…we’ll be with you every step of the way. Japanese universities might be known for their complicated application procedures, but we work alongside you to manage that process. And after you arrive, full-time staff are on site to help you settle into local life. Got a question about your apartment? Need to see a doctor? The office door is always open.

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arrival date
departure date
program length
recommended credits
application deadline
Spring 01/14/2019 08/10/2019 30 Weeks 16-18 $24,990
What’s Included
None October 1
Fall 08/25/2019 12/22/2019 17 Weeks 16-18 $20,990
What’s Included
None May 1

This program is for students in the AICAD consortium of schools.

Osaka After Class

Go for ramen with your roommate. Walk through the Pokemon Center. Pick your favorite combini (convenience store) snack. Sing your heart out at karaoke. Have dinner in beautiful Kyoto (it’s only 20 minutes away). You will love Osaka…a city that’s known for great food, great humor, and great people.

Osaka Gakuin University
Osaka University of the Arts

You’ll take your Japanese language classes at Osaka Gakuin University (OGU). Enjoy OGU’s lovely campus—use the library, work up a sweat in the gym. You’ll take your art classes at Osaka University of the Arts (OUA) and make use of the school’s state-of-the-art computer labs, glass-blowing facilities, and print-making studios.

Housing & Meals

You’ll share a furnished apartment in a residential neighborhood with local roommates. Apartments are small, but comfortable, and there is almost always one roommate for every one student. For meals, cook at home or take your pick of the city’s many cheap eateries.

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Art + Japanese Language

During the application process, the host university (OUA) reviews your portfolio and assigns you to appropriate art classes. These classes are taught in Japanese, so until your Japanese language skills start to kick in, you’ll learn by observing and following.

But you’ll also take intensive Japanese language. Language classes are fast-paced, and assignments get you out the door—you’ll mail a package at the post office, visit a pharmacy, decipher a train schedule. Between the intensive curriculum, the phrases you pick up in your art classes, the at-home practice with your Japanese roommate, and an on-campus language pledge, it won’t be long before your Japanese skills take off…giving you new access to your art, your surroundings, and Japan.

See Beyond Osaka

Let us show you a new place in Japan…somewhere that would be hard for you to get to on your own. Join your roommates on an overnight trip—you might spend the night in a minshuku (Japanese-style housing), marvel at the sacred Wedded Rocks, or ride the ferry over the inland seas. We’ll also take you on a day trip (just outside of Osaka but you’ll feel a million miles away). Hike through a bamboo grove, try Zen meditation at a temple, or soak in the natural hot springs.

Curriculum & Syllabi

You’ll combine classes in Japanese language, art, and Japanese studies for a recommended minimum of 16 credits.
Are you a CET student from Fall 2018 or prior? You can find your syllabi here.

Japanese Language

You are placed into one of these courses:

OS/LANG 152 Intensive Beginning Japanese
10 credits

OS/LANG 222 Intensive Intermediate Japanese
10 credits

OS/LANG 262 Intensive Intermediate High Japanese
10 credits

OS/LANG 322 Intensive Pre-Advanced Japanese
10 credits

OS/LANG 422 Intensive Advanced Japanese
10 credits

OS/LANG 522 Intensive Advanced High Japanese
10 credits

Each course begins with a Japanese in Daily Life segment that targets the language you need for adjusting to life in Japan.

Art Classes

You are assigned to art classes by the host university (OUA), based on your application portfolio. Classes may include:

Textiles & Dyeing

Print Art & Wood Block Printing


(Advanced Japanese Required)

(Advanced Japanese Required)

3 to 4 credits each

Japanese Studies Electives

You may select up to two area studies electives at the host university (OGU). Electives change from term to term and are taught in Japanese or English. Some past topics:

Japanese Fine Arts
Japan and the Environment
Osaka Dialect
Japanese Pop Culture
Japanese History Through Film

1.5 to 3 credits each

OGU syllabi are available in English online.


$24,990/ Semester


$20,990/ Semester

Program Fee Breakdown

Of the total program fee, $15,990 goes to tuition & fees, and $9,000 ($5,000 in fall) goes to housing and other related costs.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

We estimate that you’ll need an additional $1,400 for airfare and $2,100 ($1,400 in fall) for meals. Students typically spend about $1,500 ($1,000 in fall) on personal expenses, too.

What's Included

Activities & Excursions

The activities & excursions that we arrange are included in your tuition. All you need to do is remember to bring your camera.

Housing with a Local Roommate

We arrange for you to live in an apartment with a local roommate. Your program fees go toward rent, furnishing, and other management costs.

Commuting Fees

We give you a stipend to cover your commute between the OGU and OUA campuses. And we’ll help you figure out the best train or bus routes.

Visa Support

We guide you step-by-step through the visa process. You do the legwork, but we’ll make sure you have the documentation & information you need, when you need it.

Medical Insurance

You’re provided with a comprehensive insurance plan that includes medical evacuation coverage.

Staff Support

From pre-departure to orientation, from on-site to re-entry, CET provides you with the support you need every step of the way.

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Application Requirements

CET’s admissions requirements include an online application form, a transcript, a foreign language writing sample, and one letter of recommendation. Our programs are designed for undergraduates who maintain an overall GPA of at least 3.0. However, admissions decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, so students with lower GPAs are encouraged to apply. CET programs are open to students from any US college or university.

What's Not Included

The program fee does not include round-trip transportation to & from Japan, meals, items & services of a personal nature, and medical expenses not covered by the insurance provided.

Price Subject to Change

CET reserves the right to increase quoted charges at any time without prior notification, based on increased instruction costs, exchange rate fluctuation or other cost increases beyond CET’s control. This right includes, but is not limited to, surcharging students for additional costs incurred due to under-enrollment in any given course.