Photo Essay: AICAD in Japan

Photos by Yichen Wei, (Maryland Institute College of Art) Student Correspondent AICAD in Japan, Spring 2019

Visiting BYODOIN Temple with CET students. BYODOIN is a Buddahist temple in the city of Uji in Kyoto Prefecture. Built in Heian period. The surroundings are beautiful.


On the road in Uji with friends and roommates. The weather is so good! There are many cute matcha shops on the side.


Learning the traditional way to make matchain Uji with CET students. Totally new experience, and the matcha is oishii!


On the road to UJIKAMI Shrine with CET friends. The shrine was built as a guardian shrine for the nearby BYODOIN. Walking and relaxing in the nature.


On the way home from school. The sunset is always beautiful in Japan.


“The Tale of Genji” Museum, it displays the world of the Japanese classic novel The Tale of Genji with images and delicate models. The last ten chapters of The Tale of Genji are set in Uji.


The beautiful temple in Uji.


Eating delicious matcha ice cream with friends in Uji.


Visiting Tsutenkaku with CET friends. It is a tower and well-known landmark of Osaka. In the top of the tower, the night of Osaka is all under your eyes.


Hankyu Line under sunset.