Middlebury in Beijing

Middlebury in Beijing: At-A-Glance

16 hours/week of intensive Chinese language
One-on-one research tutorial
Full-time language pledge
Out-of-class learning and assignments
Traveling Seminar for hands-on learning
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Get the best of the best—Middlebury’s excellence in language teaching, and CET’s 40+ years of experience in China. You apply through Middlebury and receive a transcript from Middlebury, but the program is open to students from all schools.

Academics at Middlebury


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Immersive Learning in Beijing

Intensive curriculum. When you’ve studied Chinese for a few years, you need specialized attention to take your skills to the next level. Under a full-time language pledge, take on a one-on-one research tutorial, Experience Beijing (a course that has you exploring the city as part of class), and two elective courses. Electives are different each semester, but past courses have included Chinese Politics, Chinese Theater, and Classical Chinese. 

One-on-one tutorial. Explore a topic that interests you and learn the technical language you need to turn your knowledge into a senior thesis or graduate school application when you’re back home. In Beijing, past students have explored LGBTQ Life in China and Film Censorship in China.

Traveling Seminar

Each semester, we take students on a hands-on learning excursion that explores an area outside of the city. Previous seminars in Beijing have included a week-long experience in Xi’an where you can experience both the ancient origin of the Silk Road and the center of the modern One Belt One Road initiative. Through site visits, lectures, and discussions with local residents, you examine a new place through a lens of political, economic, and historic globalization. 

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Housing and Meals

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Living Like a Local

Local Roommates. Your roommate is a CET-selected student from our host university, Capital Normal University. Let them show you their favorite spots around the city. Learn which apps to download for daily life in Beijing or ask what slang locals have been using lately. Sharing a room with a local roommate brings language learning into your home life and gives you instant insider’s access to the city. Learn more about living with local roommates.

Eating in China. Take your pick of the budget-friendly campus cafeterias, try every nearby noodle shop, or find your favorite neighborhood restaurant. Feeling like a home-cooked meal? Have a night in with your roommate and trade cooking tips as you prepare dinner together in one of the communal kitchens.

CET Shanghai summer study abroad student and her roommate play a board game in their room

Life in Beijing

group of students and staff in front of temple

You can’t experience China without spending time in Beijing. Historical and cultural sites meet the modern comforts of a globalized, first-tier city. And as the country’s capital, you can find communities, cultures, and cuisines from all over China. Join retirees playing mahjong in city parks. Dabble in the online gaming culture and make some friends along the way. Explore the hutongs (traditional alleyways) after class. Use your language skills to haggle at the Pearl Market. And on the weekends, explore the rest of China with friends via high-speed rail.

Experience Beijing

Around the city. Each term, the program offers different extra-curricular activities that let you see the city, learn about Chinese culture, or just unwind with your classmates and roommates. Enjoy hot pot with classmates and language partners. Explore the city during a scavenger hunt. Take a day trip to hike an unrestored section of the Great Wall with the entire cohort. And there’s even more to see on your own.
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On-site Staff

Kate Monroe
Assistant Director

"Not only have I improved, but I’ve become confident using Chinese with local people. I can honestly say even though I’m not completely fluent, language no longer provides a barrier to doing any of the things I want to do or going to any of the places I want to go."

— Anonymous student evaluation

How to Apply

Fall deadline:

March 15th

Spring deadline:

October 1st

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Have a question? Get in touch!

Tara Strauch

Student Services Coordinator
[email protected]

CET Jordan: Academic Consultation Board

Over the years, we’ve built a strong network of locally-based faculty that we’re proud to call our peers. These faculty make up our Academic Consultation Board—a select group of local voices and thought leaders that help advise and shape components of the CET Jordan program. 

Board members support the program in many ways, including but not limited to:

Academic Consultation Board Members

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