About CET


Academic Excellence

Our curricula are collaboratively designed with input from our Faculty Advisory Committees and US partners. Strong academic leadership at headquarters and onsite means our focus on excellence extends to everything we do, from policies to practice. Learn More


We don’t offer cookie-cutter curricula. Each program is creatively designed to fit the strengths of the location, the interests of our students, and the needs of our partners. We are nimble, responsive, accessible, and not afraid to try new things.
Local friendships are the stepping stone to immersion, so we pair almost every student with a local roommate. Roommates are an integral part of our programs, both inside and outside the classroom. Learn More

Giving Back

We respect the needs, cultures, and customs of our hosts, and lead our students to do the same. We actively seek out opportunities to give back to local communities in sustainable, long-term ways. Learn More

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe in making study abroad accessible to all students. We recruit and actively support academically qualified students of all races, religions, origins, abilities, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

High Standards

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of academic quality, student services, and program management. We also actively support and promote the Forum on Education Abroad’s Standards of Best Practice.

Environmental Sustainability

We are an environmentally conscientious organization. In each of our centers, we adopt locally appropriate measures to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to sustainable practices. Learn More

Student Support

We regard each student as our only student. We answer every question and respond to every call. We ask students for their maturity and proactivity, and in return, we provide unwavering help and support.

Our Mission

  • To educate the next generation of scholars, problem-solvers, and creative minds through thoughtful, intensive programs abroad.
  • To challenge students, both academically and experientially, and to equip them with new skills, broader perspectives, and an appreciation of difference.
  • To serve as leaders and innovators within the field of education abroad, and to serve as a trusted resource and partner to faculty and educational institutions in the development of programs abroad.

Our History

CET Academic Programs is a study abroad organization that has been developing and delivering innovative educational programs abroad since 1982. Originally “China Educational Tours,” CET began operations in Beijing, later expanding to other locations around the world. Today, CET offers a varied portfolio of semester, summer, and short-term customized programs in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East for college, high school, and pre-college students.

CET is known for high program standards, strong academics, a nimble and collaborative approach to partnerships, and supportive student services. Through elements such as field-based course components, internships, community-based learning, and housing with local roommates, CET strives to integrate students into the local community and facilitate lasting relationships with hosts. As an environmentally conscientious organization, CET aims to adopt sustainable measures across its operations. And through its commitment to inclusion, CET seeks and encourages the participation of students from diverse backgrounds, ensuring a welcoming, hospitable program environment that promotes student learning.

Why We Go Where We Go

We prefer the paths less traveled.

We think that unexpected, less-touristy destinations are best for study abroad. And when we do operate in world capitals, our focus on immersion and integration offers students entrée into dimensions of the city not accessible to casual visitors.

We pride ourselves on language teaching.

It was intensive language programming in China that started us on our journey in 1982. Over and over, we’ve seen how students who achieve high levels of language proficiency also gain important cultural skills. This insight keeps us gravitating towards locations where English is not the first language.

Our parent organization opens doors.

Thanks to our relationship with Academic Travel Abroad, we have the resources to go pretty much anywhere around the globe. In addition to our semester programs, we operate short-term, customized partner programs that do just that.

Our Parent Organization

CET’s parent organization, Academic Travel Abroad (ATA), is a Washington, DC-based international travel company that specializes in operating customized travel programs for educational and cultural organizations. With over 60 years of experience, ATA has mastered the art of providing deluxe, sophisticated travel programs that feature unique entrée and access for alumni, major donors, and patrons. ATA’s client list includes many prestigious cultural and nonprofit organizations, and many of the nation’s most renowned universities.

National Advisory Council

With over 30 years of experience in the field, we know that enduring and academically rigorous study abroad programs aren’t built overnight. It takes a lot of planning, some trial and error, and most importantly: it takes insight. At CET, we have long valued the input of our key partner institutions and in 2017 we formalized these advisory relationships into the National Advisory Council (NAC).

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