CET Shanghai

Dynamic Shanghai

Shanghai offers you the opportunity to dig into China and have an international experience. Splurge on world-class fare or indulge at a century-old dumpling house. Meet like-minded expats exploring China or pick up some Shanghainese from lifelong locals.  Hop on a high-speed train and explore the rest of the country or stay in town and dance with seniors in the park. You’ll never be bored in a city like Shanghai.

Local Roommates

Your roommate is your instant local connection. Check out the indie music scene together. Pair up to join a sports team. Fly a kite or try group dancing in one of Shanghai’s gorgeous parks. Study at a café. Your roommate can show you where to order the best noodles, or help you bargain at the pearl market. What will your favorite roommate memory be?

The Right Internship for You

It’s not just about having any internship on your résumé, but having the right internship—one that works for both you and your host. With 10+ years of internship placements in the books, this program is meticulous in how it matches student to internship. The possibilities are virtually limitless: business, media, STEM, history, law, education, sports, philanthropy, music. Come to Shanghai to launch your international career.

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departure date
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Summer 06/12/2019 08/11/2019 9 Weeks 8 $7,990
What’s Included
None March 1
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Living in Shanghai

With an active calendar of events, bustling people-filled streets and a longstanding history as a global hub, you’ll never be bored in a city like Shanghai. Invest in custom-tailored clothing at the South Bund Fabric Market. Explore the expansive food scene with your roommate and friends. See a show at Yuyintang, one of the oldest underground live music houses in China. Do as the locals do and unwind in the beautiful public parks. Make your own ranked list of the best xiaolongbao (steamed soup dumplings) in the city. Watch locals practice taiji (Chinese martial art form) at sunrise on the Bund. Got a free weekend? Hop on a high-speed train and explore the rest of the country. The possibilities are endless.

Donghua University

The program is located at Donghua University’s downtown campus, which means home base for the summer is right in the center of the city. The campus is vibrant—you’ll pass groups of students chatting on the green, playing pick-up basketball, or heading to an exhibit by one of China’s emerging artists.

Housing & Meals

You’ll share a share a room with a local roommate in Donghua University’s international student dormitory. For meals, take your pick of campus cafeterias, nearby noodle shops, or neighborhood restaurants.

Do Shanghai Your Way

Shanghai in the summer—how are you going to dive in? Jump-start your career and intern with an organization aligned with your interests. If an internship doesn’t suit you, choose from a variety of electives to fulfill credits back home or just learn something completely different. You decide. No matter what you choose, you’ll leave with improved Chinese language skills, a nuanced understanding of Shanghai and China, and full access to the much-loved CET China Alumni Job Board. It’s going to be a productive summer in Shanghai.

Endless Internship Possibilities

If you choose to participate in an internship, you’re in good hands. This program is known for its remarkable list of internship opportunities. These are just some of the sites where you might intern. The projects you complete at work are determined by your host.

  • Ernst & Young
  • Niu Technologies
  • Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
  • Habitat for Humanity China
  • Han Kun Law Offices
  • Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Shanghai Symphony Orchestra
  • Stepping Stones International
  • TimeOut Shanghai
  • Tongji Biomimetic Design Lab

Curriculum & Syllabi

Are you a CET student from Summer 2018 or prior? Your syllabi can be found here.


If you participate in an internship for academic credit, you take this course. Your class and work hours will add up to a minimum total of 100 hours.

SH/INTS 351 Internship: Bridging Theory & Practice
2 credits for course + placement

If you don’t need academic credit, you can choose this not-for-credit option.

Non-Credit Internship


You choose one of these courses (or two if you decide to opt out of an internship) to meet a recommended 8 total credits:

Program Fee Breakdown

Of the total program fee, $6,440 goes to tuition & fees, and $1,550 goes to housing and other related costs.


$7,990/ Term

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

We estimate that you’ll need an additional $1,850 for airfare and $900 for meals. Students typically spend about $950 on personal expenses, too.

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What's Included

Activities & Excursions

The activities & excursions that we arrange are included in your tuition. All you need to do is get on the bus.

Housing with a Local Roommate

We arrange your housing in the dormitory, and find you a local roommate, too. Your program fees go toward rent, furnishing, and other management costs.

Internship Support

We don’t land you an internship only to walk away. We make sure you’re well prepared for your job, and we stay in close touch with your host organization…all semester long.

Visa Support

We guide you step-by-step through the visa process. You’ll need to do the legwork, but we pay the consular fees if you obtain your visa through the service we recommend. See note below about additional fees once on-site.

Course Materials & Transcripts

Your textbooks & course supplies are covered and waiting for you in Shanghai. We’ll send you an official transcript at the end of the term, too.

Medical Insurance

We provide you medical insurance. Insurance is comprehensive and includes coverage for medical evacuation.

Staff Support

We support your journey, every step of the way. From pre-departure to orientation to on-site to re-entry. We’re here to help.

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Application Requirements

CET’s admissions requirements include an online application form, a transcript, a foreign language writing sample, and one letter of recommendation. Our programs are designed for undergraduates who maintain an overall GPA of at least 3.0. However, admissions decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, so students with lower GPAs are encouraged to apply. CET programs are open to students from any US college or university.

Course Availability

Our goal is to offer every single course every term, but sometimes factors like faculty availability and program enrollment keep us from reaching that goal. If you’re concerned about needing to enroll in any one particular course, please contact us! We’ll try our best to get you the course you need.

What's Not Included

The program fee does not include round-trip transportation to & from China, meals, items & services of a personal nature, and medical expenses not covered by the insurance provided.

If you participate in an internship, you can also anticipate a $150 fee to change your visa to a resident permit after you arrive.

Price Subject to Change

CET reserves the right to increase quoted charges at any time without prior notification, based on increased instruction costs, exchange rate fluctuation or other cost increases beyond CET’s control. This right includes, but is not limited to, surcharging students for additional costs incurred due to under-enrollment in any given course.

Price in Greater China Brochure

The price for the 2019 CET Shanghai Summer program was incorrectly listed in the 2019 CET Greater China program brochure. The correct price for summer 2019 is $7,990.