CET Harbin

Harbin Temple

Harbin: Perfect for Learning Chinese

Harbin is the place to advance your Chinese. Period. The local accent is as standard as it gets, and there’s hardly any local dialect. This means that unlike other cities in China, the Chinese you hear on the streets mirrors what you learn in class. English-speaking foreigners are few, so Chinese is the lingua franca. The result? Immersion is inevitable and progress guaranteed.
CET roommates in Harbin

Local Roommates

Living with a local roommate is about more than just sharing a room. Your roommate can show you where to get the best Harbin bread and sausage, how to take the subway to the Hei Da book market, and the best spots for hiking in the mountains. You’ll learn new vocabulary every day just by chatting about your life stories. What will you do with your roommate?

One-on-One Chinese Class

As an intermediate or advanced learner, you’re ready to start steering your language skills towards an area that interests you. In this program, you design an independent study—a one-on-one Chinese language class about a topic of your choice. Sino-Korean relations? Urban development? China’s environment? You can study it in your one-on-one.

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arrival date
departure date
program length
recommended credits
application deadline
Summer 06/12/2019 08/11/2019 9 Weeks 9 $7,290
What’s Included
4 Semesters of Chinese March 1
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Daily Life in Harbin

Stroll along the Songhua River. Photograph Russian architecture. Try a northern specialty like disanxian (potato, eggplant, and pepper). A summer in Harbin—studying and hanging out with your local roommate, all in Chinese—will do wonders for your language skills.

Harbin Institute of Technology

The program is based at the Harbin Institute of Technology, a large and prestigious institution of over 40,000 students. The campus has everything you’ll need—grocery stores, a library, sports facilities, and its very own subway stop, right outside the gates.

Housing & Meals

You’ll share a room with a local roommate in an international students’ dormitory. Rooms are arranged in suites—two rooms share one bathroom. For meals, take your pick of campus cafeterias or neighborhood restaurants.

One Year's Worth of Chinese in 9 Weeks

Once you’ve conquered the basics of beginning Chinese, it’s time to kick it up a notch with specialized classes and individualized instruction. You tell us about what in China interests you, and we create a one-on-one Chinese language class about that topic. Be creative with your one-on-one! In your one-on-two, just you and one other student focus on fluency and accuracy. In your small group electives, you target the Chinese that you want to learn—newspaper, business, Classical. The entire curriculum is tied together with a 24/7 language pledge. Your Chinese will improve by leaps and bounds.

Curriculum & Syllabi

Are you a CET student from Summer 2018 or prior? Your syllabi can be found here.

One-on-One Tutorial

You take this course:

HB/LANG 401 & HB/LANG 406 One-on-One Tutorial
2 or 3 credits

The specific topic of study is up to you. You indicate your preferences prior to departure, and we work with you to create your one-on-one.

One-on-Two Class

You are placed into this course:

HB/LANG 321 One-on-Two Drill
1 credit

You take this course with one other student who is at the same Chinese level.

Research Track

If you plan to attend graduate school or want to conduct independent research in China, consider the Research Track. The Research Track is open to advanced students who have taken at least four years of previous college-level Chinese.

You take a One-on-One Tutorial for double the regular hours. 3 credits.

You choose two courses from the program’s list of electives. We recommend that you elect Classical Chinese as one of your two choices. 3 credits/elective.

Program Fee Breakdown

Of the total program fee, $6,100 goes to tuition & fees, and $1,190 goes to housing and other related costs.


$7,290/ Term

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

We estimate that you’ll need an additional $1,950 for airfare and $700 for meals. Students typically spend about $800 on personal expenses, too.

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What's Included

Activities & Excursions

The many activities & overnight excursion that we arrange are included in your tuition. All you need to do is get on the bus.

Housing with a Local Roommate

We arrange your housing in the dormitory, and find you a local roommate, too. Your program fees go toward rent, furnishing, and other management costs.

Visa Support

We guide you step-by-step through the visa process. You’ll need to do the legwork, but we pay the consular fees if you obtain your visa through the service we recommend.

Course Materials & Transcripts

Your textbooks & course supplies are covered and waiting for you in Harbin. We’ll send you an official transcript at the end of the term, too.

Medical Insurance

We provide you medical insurance. Insurance is comprehensive and includes coverage for medical evacuation.

Staff Support

We support your journey, every step of the way. From pre-departure to orientation to on-site to re-entry. We’re here to help.

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Application Requirements

CET’s admissions requirements include an online application form, a transcript, a foreign language writing sample, and one letter of recommendation. Our programs are designed for undergraduates who maintain an overall GPA of at least 3.0. However, admissions decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, so students with lower GPAs are encouraged to apply. CET programs are open to students from any US college or university.

What's Not Included

The program fee does not include round-trip transportation to & from China, meals, items & services of a personal nature, and medical expenses not covered by the insurance provided.

Price Subject to Change

CET reserves the right to increase quoted charges at any time without prior notification, based on increased instruction costs, exchange rate fluctuation or other cost increases beyond CET’s control. This right includes, but is not limited to, surcharging students for additional costs incurred due to under-enrollment in any given course.