Photo Essay: Photography in Prague

Photos by Irena Chiang, (Vanderbilt University) Student Correspondent for Photography in Prague, Spring 2018

The most perfect way to start off April was going to watch the Easter sunrise with a great church community I found when I came to Prague. Though it was cloudy and chilly, we had a magical time at the top of the hill by Petrin tower.


When spring comes, so do the paddleboats! For a fun day excursion, we can rent paddleboats for 2-4 and explore the lovely Vltava river.


Sometimes, when our Czech class for the 10 photo students can’t find a classroom, we’ll meet at a cafe… and sometimes the professor might even buy us a little snack, like these tapas! Over our textbooks and discussions, we’ll drink wine, beer, and/or coffee.


Another Czech buddy event! This Czech buddy took us to the Prague Zoo, where we saw many animals, but to our dismay, the hippo exhibition was shut down and the elephants were inside and couldn’t be seen from the outside. The zoo, though, was on top of a hill and had a great view, and it was fun getting to know the Czech buddy and making new friends!


This mix of students is wonderfully unpredictable–you’ll find some of the most down to earth people and others that are way far out there. This is Jordan, one of the quirkiest and most eclectic guys there is. Jordan did this pose at the tram stop just to show us he could.


FAMU students were offered an elective trip to Munich, during which we went to a photography gallery, a film screening, and a traditional lunch with the program. The rest of the time was spent as free time exploring Munich–going to markets, trying beer, shopping, and eating ice cream!


As part of my studio, we took a week long trip to Broumov, an rural area of the Czech Republic and hiked and took shots of landscape and nature. I got to know the international students a lot better, as well as Honza (one of the most common Czech names), our professor’s assistant, who posed as a character in a Russian fairytale–an old man with a green beard who was protector of the forest.


On our hikes, we went through the forest, onto wide open plains and meadows, and mountain peaks. Along the way, we crossed in to Poland a few times, and we would know because there would be a posting of a warning sign telling you that the border was near…


My parents came to visit me (and Prague)! It was really, really nice because I have been so homesick at times, and I loved being able to show them where I’ve been these 4 months!