Photo Essay: Photography in Prague

Photos by Irena Chiang, (Vanderbilt University) Student Correspondent for Photography in Prague, Spring 2018


I kicked off February by taking a pair of purple Fiskar safety scissors and chopping my hair off–this was incredibly alarming to my roommates, but something I’d done before. My thought process? It’s just hair, it will grow back even if I mess it up, it’s saving some big bucks, and who knows what I want it to look like more than me?



CET took us out to a charming little getaway a few hours outside of Prague filled with beautiful buildings and lookouts–as well as haunting tales of crazy princes defenestrating girlfriends and vampire princesses and boxes of hearts buried in the cathedral.


Luckily, I have 2 roommates that are goofy as I am… or if not, they indulge my love of touristy-posed pictures and pretend to appreciate my quirks!


Cesky Krumlov

This is a view of Cesky Krumlov from a lookout point at the castle. It’s small enough be walked in a full day, but has enough unique nooks and crannies to keep us occupied–alleyways and bridges and gingerbread stores galore!



Another great thing about being in a photography program: there are rarely any bounds. At a lighting workshop, for my portrait, I decided to paint designs all over her face with lipstick–Olivia was more than happy to comply and loved the final result so much that she wore it all the tram way home.




Chainsmoker Concert

My roommate and I came home from a weekend trip to Paris and went straight to a Chainsmokers concert where they sang “Paris” that felt like it completed the experience.


Dog -Photos by Irena Chiang

This is the photo department dog; she’s the head of the department’s dog. Luckily for me, dogs are loved and brought everywhere, so it was common to get interrupted by this old pup gal walking in and out of classes as she pleased because she knew how to open the doors. She also is a master at the puppy dog eyes and asking for belly rubs.


Art Museum

Part of several of our classes is going to art museums and exhibits–and this one I particularly enjoyed: two Chinese painters working mainly with oil paint. Many included motifs that allude to their own history.



I had friends come visit and it was a great few days–a little bit of home a little closer, and also the first time I got to play “tour guide” as the “local” of this beautiful city. These are the very photogenic cakes at the cubism cafe and one of my friends from school who is studying abroad in Italy. (They really loved the gulas!)