Photo Essay: Photography in Prague

Photos by Irena Chiang, (Vanderbilt University) Student Correspondent for Photography in Prague, Spring 2018


City rooftops

On the way up to Prague Castle, there’s a little vineyard path that the CET-hired tour guide brought us up, and this is the magnificent view of the city from up there.


Old Town Square

Old Town Square is known for the really cool astronomical clock…that is broken and covered with scaffolding for the whole time we are in Prague. Luckily, the square is beautiful anyway.


Student with dog

Prague is filled with cool underground bars, incredibly different from American ones; they’re more for hanging out and talking, and strangers let you loan their dogs for a few hours.


Hot chocolate

This is one of the most touristy things I’ve done, but the hot chocolate at Cafe Louvre was chocolate heaven–straight melted chocolate. We were on a “scavenger hunt” that CET made for us to get to know the city better; we needed a receipt from Cafe Louvre, but also needed a rest stop…


Street musicians

One of my favorite things about traveling is listening to street performers–and they were phenomenal!


Cathedral exterior

St. Vitus Cathedral had me bending over backwards to take in all its splendor. The stained glass windows were stunning. There were also these terrifying gargoyles along the outside that completed the aesthetic…


Roommates at museum

This was a lovely bonding moment between my roommate and I at a really incredible hole-in-the-wall exhibit of Dali and Warhol. We tried to keep straight faces, but it last for less than the time it took to hit the shutter.


rock wall

A bunch of us found a shared love of rock climbing and hunted Prague for climbing spots. Garrett was far and away our climbing champ, reaching the top with style every time.


Light Art

We went to an exhibit of the student’s final works at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and drew some inspiration for our own work in the future!