Photo Essay: Film Production in Prague

Photos by Estefanía Rincón, (American University) Student Correspondent CET Film in Prague, Spring 2018

CET offers each student the opportunity to experience one cultural event and one sport event. For the cultural event I chose the opera. The theater, full of deep red velvet chairs and curtains with accents of warm gold on the walls, is a great place to have a fancy evening!


We got to choose between hockey and soccer as the sport option. I would have normally chose soccer but since the Czechs are good at hockey I decided to check it out. It was a really cool experience, made better by the fact that we were a bigger group. It was fun to bond with everyone and cheer on the Czech team!


Part of the film program at FAMU is a lighting seminar. It is an intensive two-day workshop where we work in a studio learning about different lightning techniques. This is the first time we worked with the actual camera we will use to make our final projects.


In the studio setting we created a sketch and film it. A week after the class we saw the developed product at Barrandov Studios. Barrandov Studios is a professional studio that has worked on films such as Mission Impossible, Casino Royal, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Bourne Identity, to name a few. During this screening we saw how the camera captured the different lighting conditions we shot in.


The Dancing House is a great place to visit in Prague. It gets its name from the architectural design on the outside which bends in a way that makes it look like the house is dancing. Inside are a hotel, a luxury restaurant, and a rooftop bar. The bar is definitely worth checking out, especially in when it gets warmer out. However, even on a rainy, foggy day the view was still amazing.


Letna park has incredible view of Prague. While you can’t see the castle because it is on the same side of the river, the park lets you see all of downtown Prague. The other day while I was walking I came across two teens hanging out enjoying the view.


With the warmer weather approaching, outdoor markets in Prague are popping up. This one we came across was full of handmade jewelry, shirts, and more! My favorite markets are the food ones!


People watching is one of my favorite activities. In Letna park I captured the contrast between two benches. One held two older ladies who appeared to be longtime friends, and the other a young couple in love.


As I said, the warm weather is bringing the tourist to Prague! Here is a picture I captured coming down from Prague Castle with the TV Tower and the Church in the background. Can you spot the couple kissing? They don’t call Prague a romantic city for nothing!


Can you tell I’m happy about the weather getting warmer? The Letna Beer garden is a great place to have a beer with a friend and enjoy the views of Prague.


A few of us from the program went to Brno for a film festival. Brno is two hours and a half by train from Prague. The documentary film festival consisted of one movie on Friday, and four on Saturday.


For spring break I went to London to visit a friend I hadn’t seen in two years! I tried to take a picture of London at night from the bus, but my camera caught our reflection instead.