Photo Essay: Film Production in Prague

Photos by Estefanía Rincón, (American University) Student Correspondent CET Film in Prague, Spring 2018

One of the first group trips we had was around Prague and the Prague castle. The tour was a three hour walking tour with a 20 minute coffee break. It was definitely a long day but totally worth it. Our tour guide saved the best for last, the view from the Prague castle were stunning.


Český Krumlov

CET took us on an excursion to Český Krumlov, about a two and a half bus ride from Prague. It was a small olden town, we went on a tour of the city and the castle the first day then were able to wonder around as we pleased on the second day.


Friends in Český Krumlov

Friends on the tour of Český Krumlov. Our tour guide told us the old story of Don Julius, who was the son go the king and had a bit of a temper. He fell in love with the barbers daughter and during one of his anger episodes he threw her out the window on his room near the top of the castle. Apparently this happened so frequently that they plastered his window with brick so no one would get thrown out again.


View of Český Krumlov

Another view of Český Krumlov. We thought it would be a great setting for a Beauty Beast remake… “Little town, it’s a quiet village”


Charles Bridge

Wondering around Prague during our first days in the city we came across the famous Charles Bridge. It is a main tourist attraction in the city.


Charles Bridge

During another CET event we were split up in groups for a scavenger hunt. They gave us each postcard and one of the tasks was to take a selfie as the same location as the post card. My group only had time to find two; The Charles Bridge and the astronomical clock in the Old Town Square (unfortunately it is under construction).


Dinner boat tour

After the scavenger hunt CET provided us with an amazing dinner boat tour.



We took a week of intensive Czech language when we arrived. On the last day of class we had a test and our teacher took us to a restaurant to put our new Czech language skills to the test. I ordered the typical goulash soup, it was incredible!


Street food

There are many food stands in the streets of Prague. After a day of museums we were lured in by the smell of sausages.



We found a cool underground bar that had dogs roaming around and swings suspended from the ceiling.



Prague is divided into districts, downtown is 1 and FAMU students live in 7 which is only a 15 minute tea or metro ride away. Some perks about living a bit further from downtown are there are less tourists and we have a park next to us with amazing views of Prague. I like going there to take walks with friends or go for a run.



Living in Prague every apartment is assignment a Czech buddy. These are Czech students around the same age as us who help us with any problems we have and can give us good advice on where to eat, drink, and any general questions we may have. This is me and my Czech buddy relaxing after a long week of classes.