Photo Essay: Film Production at FAMU

Photos by Jordan Redd, (American University) Student Correspondent Film Production at FAMU, Spring 2019


Over the weekend I went to St. Matthews Fair that recently opened in Prague 7. It’s a carnival that had food vendors, games, and a significant amount of rides.


The rides in combination with the nice weather made the day truly feel like spring. We went on a swing ride at sunset that went so high up in the air we could see the whole carnival, the river, and the Prague skyline.


These building face the entry to Charles Bridge. While walking in old town, there was a gorgeous sunset. The moon was shining brightly as we walked to get ice cream.


This is my friend, Gabrielle, who is currently studying at Oxford. She visited me during her spring break. While showing her around the city that I had the opportunity to see the city through the eyes of someone seeing it for the first time. It gained me a refreshed appreciation for the opportunity to live in this city for a semester.


I stumbled upon the Lennon Wall, a wall in Old Town with a lot of graffiti on it, while walking to the astrological clock. It was a beautiful warm day. There were many people taking pictures together, as well as a man singing and playing acoustic guitar.


There are many places in Prague that offer beautiful views of the city, and Letna Park is certainly one of them. You can climb up a path or a set of stairs to the top, where there is a quartyard that often hosts skaters as well as a restaurant. In this photo you can see people walking across Charles bridge.


Petrin Hill Park is another great spot for good views of the city. There is a tram that takes you up the hill, which provides a cool vantage point of the castle. Atop the hill there is a restaurant, a mirror maze, a mini “eiffel tower” you can go to the top of, as well as a garden. This photo was taken halfway up the hill. In the background is Prague Castle.


I have a class on Tuesday nights at 6pm, so as I walk to class I usually get the chance to enjoy the sunset reflected on the river. On this day the weather was nice and people were taking out canoes into the river.


Shadows on a walk.