Photo Essay: Film Production at FAMU

Photos by Jordan Redd, (American University) Student Correspondent Film Production at FAMU, Spring 2019

The View From Český Krumlov Castle Tower: For two days, we went on our first excursion with CET to Český Krumlov, a town in the Czech Republic three hours from Prague. For the price of hiking up steep and at times narrow winding steps, we were treated to a beautiful vantage point of the town. Our tickets also granted us access to the Český Krumlov Castle museum, located at the base of the tower. My Czech buddy, Lucy, used to be a tour guide at the castle, so she knew the town well. When we climbed down, she took us to a cafe she liked with an extensive tea menu before the CET welcome dinner.


Through the Alleyway: On my way to check into our hotel, I couldn’t help but stop and take this photo of the tower perfectly framed by the alleyway. Down this alleyway and to the left was The Hotel Grand, where we stayed in Český Krumlov.


The View From The Castle Bridge: On our city tour, we walked through the castle courtyard and over a bridge with lovely views of the town. At this part of the bridge, there were rows of holes to look through, low enough so that toddlers could stand on their tip toes and peer through.


Love Locks in Old Town Prague: During the city tour we took at the beginning of the semester with CET, the tour guide mentioned they occasionally have to cut the love locks off so that the fence doesn’t become too heavy and break. I thought that was sort of sad so when I saw them on a walk I took a picture to memorialize the efforts that will eventually be lost.


Panorama of Český Krumlov: This is a panorama of the view from a small park where we stopped on our city tour to take photos. In the distance, you can see the castle tower. I noticed that most of the roofs of the buildings are orange-red, which makes for a cohesive skyline.


Český Krumlov Castle: This is a film photo of the Český Krumlov Castle. Even in the frigid temperatures in Český Krumlov, the castle is covered in greenery that makes it appear distinctively castle-like to me. If you look closely, you can see a balcony that offers a small lookout point that we passed by on our tour.


Poseidon Fountain: This statue stands in the middle of a small park by my apartment that I pass often on my way to Andel (which means angel in Czech), where the mall and a tram stop is. I took this film photo on a walk to the grocery store, after snow had dusted Prague. My friend noted that it’s strange to have a statue of Poseidon in a country that doesn’t touch the ocean. I suppose the idea was to tie the god of the sea to a fountain that (I hope) spouts water in the spring.


Inside St. Vitus Cathedral: On the 15th of February, CET offered an optional trip to Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral. We went on a cloudless day when the sunlight was shining strongly through the many stained glass windows of the cathedral. The colored light from the windows danced across the floor and walls.


Cathedral outside gold window: The Gothic exterior of St. Vitus Cathedral is adorned with gold detailing on a window and a large gate. On this sunny day, it was especially illuminated in the light. The Cathedral dates back the 14th century, and was constructed to honor St.Wenceslas, who was laid to rest inside.


Prague Castle: This is walkway through a portion of Prague Castle. Before I visited Prague castle up close, I had kept thinking of what is actually the Cathedral as the castle. As I was walking around the alleyways that surround the Cathedral I couldn’t help but keep thinking “where is the castle?” when I was truly surrounded by it.