Photo Essay: CET Taiwan

Photos by Ryan O’Dea, (Washington State University) Student Correspondent CET Taiwan, Summer 2017


Apart from all the busyness of going to classes and getting used to the time change. I found a bit of time to head out and explore the National Taiwan University Campus!


A little lost, but that’s not bad! I find the best way to get to know the city, and maybe test out your language abilities, is to go wandering for a while.


Not only do we get super cool CET students to meet up with, we are also enrolled in classes with ICLP students as well! Meet Ally from Singapore!


Where would the world be without amazing kinds of food? After class its a rush to get to this amazing sandwich and coffee shop before it fills up.


Choosing CET gave me instant access to a bunch of cool people to make friends with! Meet Julia, an art major, and super cool person to head to classes with.


Getting to my share house was fun–then we decided to make dumplings! Featuring Judy our house leader, and dumpling master.


The second stop on our Day 1 Taiwan Adventure was a paper making museum, where students had the opportunity to make our very own paper!


Our first trip out into the world of Taiwan, and the same day I arrived, The Presidential Palace! My favorite part is the center garden.