Photo Essay: CET Taiwan

Photos by Ryan O’Dea (Washington State University) Student Correspondent CET Taiwan, Summer 2017

What would a CET Trip be without finding international friends? These two, ‘Jmo’ (right) and Nic (left) actually met in CET Shanghai last year and found each other again in CET Taiwan!


Hiking through Taroko Gorge makes for a very hot day, so we decided to take a little bit of time to cool off by the water side of this gorgeous blue water!


Having our CET 老师 (laoshi/teacher) wake us up at 4am wasn’t the most exciting thing, but the bike ride to the Taiwan coast to see the sunset was amazing (along with attempting to skip rocks all the way back to my home of Washington State.)


What would going to a temple be if we didn’t meet some of the locals? Phil managed to meet a couple of kids waiting around for their parents which started a CET versus Kids game of catch!



In the midst of taking all the steps up to the Buddhist temple we found a little resting place for shade, fresh water, and the perfume of incense lingering in the air.


Disa Buddha Sava: the largest standing Disa Buddha in the world. This particular Buddha was just renovated and painted in gold leaf to stand out among other statues.


While hiking and playing in the water Nic managed to find a rock to post and sit on! But you can also see the amazing natural water that lies inside of Taroko gorge.


A bike trip down Taroko gorge that ended in success!