Photo Essay: CET Taiwan

Photos by Ryan O’Dea, (Washington State University) Student Correspondent CET Taiwan: Internship Summer 2017

Something strange that we kept finding in Shilin were ice fruits, or fruits soaking in a bath of ice water. Naturally, finding something this odd to me lead to a photograph.


One of our CET friends, from Spokane/Washington State University, came on a direct enrollment to ICLP. Since we are both in the same classes we can always find time to meet up, have dinner, and talk about our lives in Taiwan!


It’s not really working when I have such a nice view from my office. I catch myself staring out the window quite a lot!


At our Borderless House we have somewhat of a ‘House Leader’ who is the eldest and has also lived there the longest. Every time a roommate comes and goes she takes a Polaroid and places it above our sign that reads “Zhishan Hosue.” This just happens to be a roommate that I met named Maeva who left only two weeks after I arrived.


While Starbucks may be good in a pinch, there is a wonderful coffee shop nearby ICLP (Intensive Chinese Learning Program) with the sweetest man there. Every time I enter with friends we are always greeted with a smile and a warm cup of lime tea.


With the business that accompanies working at an internship for 12 hours a week, plus the Intensive Chinese Language course, it’s easy to forget to take time and relax. Given that Taiwan is in the tropics, I took a day of my weekend to go and flora hunt around the campus and the city.


The sad part about being a photographer is never being in a photo, but that’s where CET Friends can help! This photo was taken while exploring campus and finding a massive bush that said, “NTU” for National Taiwan University.