Photo Essay: CET Kunming

Photos by Tiana Neuerburg, (University of Washington) Student Correspondent CET Kunming, Summer 2017

Pictured is a scenic view of one of the main buildings in the center of the Temple area.


CET students Maggie and Marilyn are lighting candles and burning incense at a nearby Buddhist Temple. We went with a couple of Chinese roommates who showed us how to properly burn incense and gave us a tour of the temple.


My roommate and I on the rooftop deck area of the Linden Centre in Dali.


Known as “乳扇” (ru shan), it’s a Yunnan specialty. It’s made from cow’s milk that has been toasted. It’s quite a unique taste, but definitely a must-try when in Yunnan province! (it’s also one of the ingredients in the “sweet” version of traditional Bai tea.)


For one of our activities, we got to make a regional specialty called “粑粑饼” (baba bing) which is a type of disk-shaped bun with meat or red bean paste on the inside. Pictured are some of our handmade “粑粑饼” before they were baked.


CET students and roommates working hard at making their tie-dye piece. The first step is to sew the outline of the image we want to appear in our finalized piece.


During our weekend trip to Dali, we split into two groups: those wanting to learn traditional tie-dye and those wanting to go on a biking tour of the city. I chose to learn how to make a traditional tie-dye piece. Pictured are some of the examples of the local Bai people’s tie-die work.


Sarah, one of the CET students was very picturesque while taking photos