Photo Essay: CET Kunming

Photos by Tiana Neuerburg, (University of Washington) Student Correspondent CET Kunming, Summer 2017

A hidden bookstore and café close to CET Kunming’s dorms and classrooms. It’s called “The Elephant Bookstore” (大象书店)and is a perfect place to browse through a mixture of English and Chinese books or sit down and enjoy some coffee or tea. The atmosphere is very tranquil and is a perfect place to study.


Pictured above is one of the hallways in Kunming’s Railway Museum. Its picturesque scenery and overall structure are meant to imitate what one of the older railway system tunnels looked like in 20th century China.


My roommate and her friend took my friends and me to a huge fresh flower market located a ways away from the center of Kunming. The flower market had 2 stories (this picture was taken on the second floor). Pictured are a bunch of succulent plant varieties, but on the first floor there were a variety of fresh and dried flowers. Some flower bouquets were sold for only 3.5元 (less than $1 USD)!


A common sight in China are street stalls that sell “小吃” (snack foods) for a few Chinese yuan. This particular street stall sells different types of meat and veggies. You choose the meat and/or veggies you want and then they cook it for you.


A view of Yunan University’s other campus’s main building at night.


In the evening, many people like to take a walk along the railway tracks. You’ll often see people trying to balance themselves on the rails.


During the weekend we had some free time, so a few CET students and I went to Anshun in Guizhou Province. We had the fortune of touring Zhijin Cave (织金洞). This is a picture of the entrance to the underground cave.


Pictured is a taste of what we saw while touring the Zhijin Cave. There were many tall stalagmites and other geological formations that I cannot name. They also had various colored lights to highlight the main stalagmite formations.


From right to left: Jasmine, Sarah, Maggie, and me. This was taken after we finished trekking through the Zhijin Cave. At the end of our tour, we ended up at the “Zhijin Grand Canyon” which is a picturesque mountains and forest greenery everywhere.