Photo Essay: CET Florence

Photos by Valerie Yager, (Vanderbilt University) CET Florence, Spring 2018


Some friends and I decided to explore the Tuscan countryside one Friday. Pictured is my roommate Catherine in front of a beautiful valley.


biking in the countryside

We biked through the hills touring a small town just outside of Florence, and stopped to see a vineyard where Chianti wine is produced.



My roommates and I love that studying in Florence with CET provides a variety of experiences, from the city to the countryside.



Last weekend, CET planned a trip to Rome where I experienced much of the art and architecture I’ve studied, including the Colosseum.


 Roman Forum

CET took us to see many of Rome’s most important sites, including the Roman Forum. The Roman Forum was once a thriving market place in ancient Rome and incredibly still stands in pieces today.


 Roman Forum

A short climb provided us with an even better view of the Roman Forum.


 Hadrian's Villa

Sunday, CET brought us 30 miles outside of Rome to tour Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli



We then stopped for lunch at a restaurant in a building over 2000 years old for a traditional Roman meal.


 Hadrian's Villa

The tour of Hadrian’s Villa showcased many advancements made in architecture and technology by the ancient Romans.