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Health and Safety Consulting with CET

Since our launch in 1982, we have seen our share of crises. We aim to share this deep knowledge and expertise through training and consulting that meet the health and safety needs of your institution. Whether that’s policy recommendations, trainings, or something in between—we partner with you to produce custom solutions to help ensure your success and sustainability.

Vanessa Sterling

Senior Manager, Health and Safety

Vanessa has over a decade’s worth of experience as a risk and crisis manager. A veteran policy creator, implementation expert, first responder, and trainer, she has been an invited presenter and panelist for organizations such as United Educators, NAFSA, the Forum on Education Abroad, Terra Dotta, and the OSAC China Country Council. She is an active member of Pulse – International Safety and Security Professionals in Higher Educations, an alumna of the Fulbright International Education Administrators (IEA) Seminar in Taiwan, and has led over a dozen undergraduate programs in China.


How could we work together?

We take pride in collaborating with others. Here are just a few ways that CET could bolster your organization’s health and safety measures. 

The novel coronavirus presented huge challenges for everyone in the field of international education. A careful assessment of your working group/office/division’s crisis response and management strategies allows you to identify any areas of improvement and be more suitably equipped for emergencies moving forward. 

What could this look like for you?
A two- or three-hour facilitated meeting with tailored recommendations for policy development/review and sample policies. 

Get guidance on how to assess site readiness, communicate with overseas partners about your institution’s requirements, work to leverage insurance capabilities, and develop stakeholder messaging, all towards making data-driven decisions towards responsibly resuming your institution’s activities.

What could this look like for you?
A half- or full-day of training complete with a post-COVID playbook template and task list. Additional follow-up consultation calls on drafted plans by the hour as needed.

This project aims to help colleges, universities, or non-profits thoughtfully consider how their institution can create a new position to address international health, safety, and security concerns. 

What could this look like for you?
Following an initial intake assessment, we cover necessary frameworks for institutional buy-in, the development and crafting of the position and job announcement, recruiting recommendations (e.g., salary recommendations, implementation and hiring timelines, etc.), and a sample training program. 

This offering aims to examine your institution’s partnerships for direct-exchange offerings and identify best practices for continuing these exchanges in post-COVID semesters.

What could this look like for you?
A half-day training (with optional follow-up) that covers MOU review, assessments of partners’ on-the-ground staff and other support systems, re-imagined application timelines, communication strategies, and how to add additional support for students via insurance, technology, and structured conversations. 

In an environment of increased mental health stressors and challenges, it is critical to prepare students to better face the rigors of life abroad with actionable strategies.

What could this look like for you?
In a half-day training, cover how to leverage on-campus capabilities, structuring stakeholder conversations, working with issues of medication, and how to thoughtfully and proactively communicate with students about their various needs. This session also covers advising and crisis management under FERPA, HIPAA, and other compliance issues.

Many institutions see faculty-led programming as an increasingly valuable part of their campus internationalization strategy. That said, relying on faculty leaders places a tremendous amount of responsibility on them in an area most often outside of their specialization. To run these types of programs successfully, it is important to have strong policies and procedures to develop, build, and run these programs along with robust training.

What could this look like for you?
We work with you to develop policies surrounding cover overseas partner selection, development timelines, budgeting, vendor vetting and contracting, recruiting local support, training for group leading and crisis management, student health and safety, and dealing with difficult situations (e.g., navigating on-campus approvals, faculty who want to travel with families, travel to less-developed locations, etc.). These policies can result in a handbook for faculty-led programming and be complemented by training sessions for staff and faculty leaders.

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Vanessa Sterling

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Vanessa Sterling

Senior Manager, Health & Safety
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