UW in India: Delhi Summer

in Delhi

You can find summer internship programs all over the world, but if you really want to set yourself apart—intern in Delhi. As India’s capital and a major economic center, Delhi boasts a unique window into entrepreneurship and emerging markets. Internship placements in Indian and multi-national businesses, as well as the city’s vibrant NGO sector, offer a wide range of opportunities to expand your professional skills and networks. 

Placement Examples

Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group

Partners with people and organizations across all levels of society to work toward environmental justice. You might help provide educational support to the children of trash-sorters, or participate in the organization’s waste recycling activities. 

Indian Institute of Technology

Work together with well-known professors to participate in research within engineering, computer science, and other STEM-related fields. 

Child Rights and You (CRY)

Advocates for the basic rights of underprivileged Indian children through direct action, advocacy, and mobilizing the public. You might work with a local team to collate data on government initiatives for engaging volunteers, and strategize how CRY Delhi and CRY Kolkata can best provide support. 


Aims to inspire and support youth to engage in environmental, social development, and active citizenship issues. You might assist in the development of study materials on environmental sustainability. 

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