CET Prague

Course Availability

Our goal is to offer every single course every term, but sometimes factors like faculty availability and program enrollment keep us from reaching that goal. If you’re concerned about needing to enroll in any one particular course, please contact us! We’ll try our best to get you the course you need.

Intern in Prague

We use our extensive network to find you a placement—that magic combination of your skills and interests matching the company’s needs. While the actual projects on your desk are determined by your host, you learn skills that are applicable in any field, from financial planning and project management to critical research and marketing know-how.

Placement Examples


Help with anything from consultation to strategy to investment. You might design and execute marketing strategies and activities for various projects, coordinate administrative tasks, or support the development team on both client and internal projects.


Caritas Czech Republic is the largest provider of social and health services in the country. They offer help to people in need both domestically and internationally by operating a wide network of over 300 charities. Interning with Caritas is a great fit for those interested in the hands-on work associated with the management of social, health, and humanitarian services.


ReSITE’s mission is to improve the urban environment. You might help develop and plan events, assist with marketing and coordination, and support the communication direction and creative team. You might proofread (English) texts, prepare presentations, support social media efforts, and research funding options. You could also provide general clerical assistance. 

Forum 50%

Forum 50% works to support equal participation of men and women in politics and decision making. They convey new visions and bring them into practice. You might conduct research focused on women’s suffrage in the US and around the world, map foreign feminist organizations, and develop information about US foundations that support gender equality.

Political Prisoners

Political Prisoners.eu focuses on the issues of political prisoners of the communist regime in Czechoslovakia. As an intern, you gain experience with a well-established nonprofit in the field and can expect to take on hands-on work associated with education and the popularization of traumatic history.

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