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Discuss a reading assignment with your teacher and with the cab driver who delivers you downtown after class. Practice language skills with your instructor and the owner of the café down the street. Learn research skills from your professor and your colleagues at your internship. Pose a probing question to your classmates and your local roommate once you’re back at the dorm.

When you study abroad with CET, it’s hard to tell where the classroom learning ends and the out-of-classroom discovery begins. After you’ve spent a term at CET meeting the leaders of grassroots social justice movements in Brazil, interning at a tech start up in Shanghai, or checking galleries off your must-see list in Prague, we think you’ll agree that learning comes in many shapes and sizes. And when the line that divides the classroom from the outside world becomes blurred, that’s exactly when study abroad is at its best—exciting, comfort-zone-pushing, and wholly transformative.

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Earn credits. Learn a language. Do an internship.

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Intern while you study.
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Focus on language learning. Skip a level back home.

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Study Abroad Program Features

Local roommates and language partners

Over $300,000 in scholarships annually
Complete up to a year and a half of language in a semester

Earn credit directly from a US institution on select programs

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