Study Abroad in Jordan: Intensive Arabic Language in Jordan

Amman, Jordan: Is this study abroad program for you? This program is for students who are excited to make exceptional strides in their Arabic language learning. Students take a full load of Arabic language classes, including two content-based language electives that focus on topics of interest—the history, politics, religion, literature and culture of the Arab World. Seasoned faculty, devoted staff, Jordanian roommates and Arabic language partners together create a supportive community of learning for CET students. The program is open to students with at least two semesters of Arabic.

Study Abroad in Amman, Jordan: Features

  • Intensive Arabic language courses (MSA and dialect) that complete at least one year of Arabic in a term
  • Arabic language pledge
  • Official Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) scores for a résumé or graduate school application
  • Jordanian roommates and Arabic language partners
  • Unwavering support from on-site staff
  • Open to students with at least 2 semesters of previous Arabic language study

“I cannot advocate for CET enough among friends and colleagues because it is truly an amazing program. While different programs in the Middle East have their pros and cons, I strongly believe that this is the program people need to study in…Additionally, I am not sure if I can overstate how helpful and amazing [program staff] Mazen and Manal are. Truly willing to bend over backwards and do anything that any student requested.” – Anonymous evaluation on

Study Abroad in Amman, Jordan: Details

Semester Fall 2014 Spring 2015 Summer 2015 Fall 2015
Application Deadline 05/01/14 11/01/14 03/01/15 05/01/15
Program Length 15 weeks 15 weeks 8 weeks 15 weeks
Arrival Date 08/28/14 01/16/15 05/24/15 08/29/15
Program Break TBA TBA NA TBA
Departure Date 12/13/14 05/02/15 07/17/15 12/12/15
Program Fee $14,990 $15,490 $7,690 $15,490
Recommended Credits 16 16 8 16