Study Abroad in Jordan: Intensive Arabic Language in Jordan

language instructor calling on student

Amman, Jordan: Is this study abroad program for you? CET Jordan-Arabic Language program students are fully immersed in Arabic language learning and watch their language skills improve by leaps and bounds. They take intensive Arabic language courses—Modern Standard Arabic and Jordanian Dialect. During the semesters, students up the ante by taking two content-based Arabic language courses as well. Jordanian roommates and language partners, and a full-time language pledge ensure that students speak Arabic only for the entire term. This program is for serious students with at least two previous semesters of university-level Arabic language study.

Study Abroad in Amman, Jordan: Features

  • Intensive Arabic language curriculum
  • Content-based Arabic language courses during the semesters: literature, contemporary society, business, history, religion, politics
  • Full-time language pledge
  • Jordanian roommates
  • Local Arabic language partners
  • Open to students with at least 2 semesters of previous Arabic language study

Study Abroad in Amman, Jordan: Details

Semester Fall 2013 Spring 2014 Summer 2014 Fall 2014
Application Deadline 05/01/13 11/01/13 03/01/14 05/01/14
Program Length 15 weeks 15 weeks 8 weeks 15 weeks
Arrival Date 08/29/13 01/23/14 06/01/14 08/28/14
Program Break Oct 13-17 TBA NA TBA
Departure Date 12/14/13 05/09/14 07/26/14 12/13/14
Program Fee $13,990 $14,990 $7,490 $14,990
Recommended Credits 16 16 8 16