Study Abroad in China: Chinese Studies & Internship in Shanghai

Shanghai, China: Is this study abroad program for you? CET Shanghai is for students seeking an internship. The program is known for the remarkable list of internship opportunities it offers. From small start-ups to large firms, art galleries to environmental organizations, internship placements are for students in any field—business, media, STEM, history, education, sports, music. Outside the internship, students take Chinese language classes and an elective taught in English. And they explore one of the world’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities—Shanghai.

Study Abroad in Shanghai, China: Features

  • An incredible list of internships at corporations, businesses, not-for-profits, retail enterprises, hotels, start-ups
  • Fast-paced Chinese language classes
  • Electives in economics, history, political science
  • Chinese roommates
  • Open to students of all Chinese language levels, even absolute beginners

“Interning while in Shanghai not only allowed me to gain experience in my field of interest, special education, but also exposed me to the ways in which the work differs in an international context.…My internship was my favorite part of the program, and I definitely recommend it to any student who wants to augment their study abroad experience.” – Abigail Sweeney, Haverford College, Shanghai Spring 2014

Study Abroad in Shanghai, China: Details

Semester Fall 2014 Spring 2015 Summer 2015 Fall 2015
Application Deadline 05/01/14 11/01/14 03/01/15 Extended to
Program Length 16 weeks 16 weeks 9 weeks 16 weeks
Arrival Date 08/27/14 02/04/15 06/10/15 08/26/15
Program Break TBD Apr 6-10 NA Sept 28-Oct 2
Departure Date 12/15/14 05/29/15 08/10/15 12/14/15
Program Fee $14,890 $15,390 $7,490 $15,390
Recommended Credits 16 16 8 16