Study Abroad in China: Chinese Studies & Internship in Shanghai

Students with artistic sunglasses

Shanghai, China: Is this study abroad program for you? This is a study abroad program for résumé builders. Students pursue an internship at a company or organization in Shanghai. They complement their internship with Chinese language instruction and an elective in economics, history or political science. CET Shanghai introduces students of all majors and Chinese language levels to the challenges and rewards of working abroad.

Study Abroad in Shanghai, China: Features

  • Internships at corporations, businesses, not-for-profits, retail enterprises, hotels, start-ups
  • Chinese language classes
  • Electives in: economics, history, political science
  • Local roommates
  • No language prerequisite

Announcement (updated 2/26/14):
CET has recently learned of changes to visa policies in Shanghai, changes that have been reported as hindering students from engaging in certain internships. CET has been closely monitoring these developments, and based on information from on-site staff and consultations with our host organizations and university, we do not believe these changes will affect CET students. We are confident that students attending CET Shanghai will continue to have the option to participate in unpaid internships, as they have in the past.

If new information or developments lead us to believe that CET student internships will be affected by these visa policies, CET students, parents and partners should rest assured that we will notify them immediately. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Meagan Seitz-Smith, 202-349-7342
Jason Wang, 202-349-7341
Adam Jones, 202-349-7344

Study Abroad in Shanghai, China: Details

Semester Fall 2013 Spring 2014 Summer 2014 Fall 2014
Application Deadline 05/01/13 11/01/13 03/01/14 05/01/14
Program Length 15 weeks 16 weeks 9 weeks 16 weeks
Arrival Date 08/28/13 02/12/14 06/11/14 08/27/14
Program Break Sept 30-Oct 4 Apr 7-11 NA TBA
Departure Date 12/16/13 06/02/14 08/11/14 12/15/14
Program Fee $13,990 $14,890 $7,490 $14,890
Recommended Credits 16 16 8 to 10 16