Sexual harassment in the Middle East & India

Unfortunately, harassment of women, Western women in particular, is a frequent occurrence in the Middle East and India. But as with all aspects of living abroad, the adjustment period is less challenging if students prepare themselves in advance and maintain a supportive network of friends and classmates.

All CET Jordan and UW in India students receive detailed guidelines before departure about how to prevent and handle harassment. Guidelines include understanding the source of harassment, modifying dress and body language as preventative measures, and knowing how to respond if harassed.

CET is also committed to creating a community of support overseas. All students, female and male, learn about the nuances of harassment so that they are equipped help each other. Roommates, faculty and CET staff are a part of this community and provide mentoring, guidance and cultural insight.

CET has watched past female students, with information and resources in hand, thrive in all program locations, learning to skillfully navigate through all facets of the host society.