I have dietary limitations or a special diet. Can this be accommodated?

Traveling overseas with any sort of food limitations or dietary needs is always challenging. This is not to say that it is impossible to maintain certain eating habits or avoid allergy-reactive foods while abroad, but simply that it requires careful planning, patience and flexibility. Students with special dietary needs or allergy considerations should 1) anticipate cooking for themselves and 2) understand that food options at outside meals, including CET group meals, will be limited.

Some cases that pose the biggest challenges are adhering to a gluten-free diet in Jordan, or avoiding seafood in Vietnam or Japan. Vietnam is our one program location in which students have no access to a kitchen, so strict or life-threatening dietary restrictions can be very difficult to accommodate.

We provide more specific advice for meal planning in pre-departure resources. If you have special dietary needs or allergies, please let us know as soon as you can! We can help you better understand how your needs can be accommodated.