Study Abroad in Japan: Intensive Japanese Language & Culture Studies in Osaka

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Osaka, Japan: Is this study abroad program for you? This program is for students who strive for communicative competence in Japanese. Students exercise their Japanese language every day—in fast-paced classroom, on the street, with their local roommates, for out-of-classroom assignments—and return home with vastly improved skills. Japanese language learners of all levels and majors are welcome. Students complete the entire textbook, typically one year of university-level Japanese, each term.

Study Abroad in Osaka, Japan: Features

  • Intensive Japanese language curriculum that completes the entire textbook in a term—typically 1 year of university-level language
  • Japanese language pledge: full-time in the summer, limited in the semesters
  • Language projects and exercises that take students outside the classroom
  • Electives in Japanese and English: business, performing arts, religion, history and culture
  • Local roommates
  • No language prerequisite for the fall and spring
  • Summer is open to students with at least 2 semesters of previous Japanese language study

Study Abroad in Osaka, Japan: Details

Semester Fall 2013 Spring 2014 Summer 2014 Fall 2014
Application Deadline 05/01/13 10/01/13 03/01/14 05/01/14
Program Length 16 weeks 17 weeks 8 weeks 17 weeks
Arrival Date 09/02/13 01/16/14 06/03/14 08/27/14
Departure Date 12/21/13 05/17/14 07/30/14 12/20/14
Program Fee $19,990 $19,990 $8,790 $19,990
Recommended Credits 14 to 17 14 to 17 9 14 to 17