CET Siena

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Margot Mangiarotti

CET Siena, Spring 2016
Cornell University
[email protected]

“Leaving my business focused university for a semester in Siena could not have been a better decision. In Siena, I took classes on cultural topics that were a huge change from my classes in the USA. I experienced the art, language and culture everyday in and out of class.

The everyday pace of life was also such an important change. It is easy to get wrapped up in the due dates and academic piece of college, but being able to slow down and enjoy life in Siena was wonderful. The food is fresher, there are fewer cars, the history is richer…

This experience did not, however, make me resent my school back in America; it gave me a better perspective. I am now back at school and I keep pieces of Siena with me. Whether it is walking down the street a little slower without looking at my phone, taking the time to cook a fresh meal, or joining the Italian club at school. CET Siena has given me a better perspective for which I am forever grateful.”

Avery Morrison

CET Siena, Summer 2016
University of Virginia
[email protected]

“I would never stop talking if I tried to cover all the amazing stories and memories that I have from studying abroad with CET in Siena. The people involved with the program made all of these memories possible, and I will never forget the impact that they have had on me and as cliche as it may sound, I am a changed person because of this summer. The food, the friends, the teachers, the events, all contributed to my ever growing love of Italy, which now could be deemed as an unhealthy obsession. “