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CET Shanghai

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Sai-kit Lee

CET Shanghai, Summer 2016
George Washington University

“In terms of how my background affected my Chinese learning in class, I’m really grateful for the teachers at CET. One thing I was really worried about is the fact that a lot of the words I know in Mandarin Chinese are more Southern/Taiwanese style Mandarin, but the head teacher, Qu laoshi, assured me that this wouldn’t be a problem. . . The point of language is to communicate and I feel like no matter what accent you have, some one will always think you have an accent. My Chinese teacher was also really good at telling me when I was using a Cantonese/Southern way of saying something rather than the Mandarin way of saying something. Rather than saying I was wrong, she would simply say that in the mainland they don’t use that phrase/word and tell me what they use in the mainland. The teachers I’ve had in the past would straight-out say I was wrong so I’m grateful that the teachers in CET have a basic understanding of other dialects.”

Deborah Seow

CET Shanghai, Summer 2016
University of Texas at Austin

“The program was amazing. They truly love their students. . .When I was struggling, they checked up on me. When I needed to talk, they were always there with encouragement and advice. The classes are difficult, but very good. You learn a language for real, and they’re serious about leaving you with amazing skills. I was able to go on trips with plenty of time left to explore with my roommate, who was a lifesaver for me who couldn’t speak a full language. I learned the most from her than anyone else. If anyone ever is worried they can’t do it – you can. And this program is something I’d really recommend.”

Chris Tyler

CET Shanghai, Summer 2016
Washington and Lee University

“While abroad in Shanghai, I was exposed to its international community of expats studying abroad at my university. Shanghai is the largest city in the world, and as such, there is an enormous contingent of foreign students looking to tap into its growing business environment.”