CET Shanghai

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Etta Scott-Smith

CET Shanghai, Summer 2016
Clark University
[email protected]

“Having the opportunity to live, work and study in Shanghai will always be one of the most memorable and amazing experiences of my life. As a program, CET outdid themselves in every aspect, both inside and outside the classroom. The combination of both Chinese language classes and Chinese cultural classes really helped me have a better grasp of living and experiencing Chinese society. I really enjoyed the one-on-one instruction the program offered as well as the field trips we would take as a class to new parts of China I would have never had the opportunity to otherwise visit on my own. Getting to live with a local Chinese roommate, especially a native Shanghainese, greatly enriched my experience learning the language and making new life long friends. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.”

Nangesian Lekilit

CET Shanghai, Summer 2017
George Washington University
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