CET Harbin

Approach Near-Native Fluency

Take a full load of intensive Chinese language classes. Cover close to a year-and-a-half of material in one semester.

  • 20 hours/week of intensive Chinese
  • One-on-one tutorial that you design
  • One-on-two & small-group classes
  • Full-time Chinese language pledge
  • Out-of-classroom learning

Individual Attention

Once you’ve conquered the basics of beginning Chinese, it’s time to kick it up a notch with specialized classes and individualized instruction. In Harbin, you’ll take a one-on-two class—just you, and one other student—that focuses on fluency and accuracy. This is where you correct your mistakes, and finally fix that pesky 2nd tone. You also choose two small-group electives. Learn business Chinese in a class of five students. Read short stories in a class of four.

One-on-One Tutorial

You tell us about what in China interests you, and we create a one-on-one Chinese language class about that topic. Be creative with your one-on-one! Study traditional Chinese medicine, the education system, or food culture in China. This is your chance to get a head start on senior thesis research, or simply become an expert in an area of Chinese that appeals to you.

Some Possible One-on-One Topics

China’s Tech Boom
Chinese-Korean Relations
Classical Chinese Stories
Animal Shelters in China
Politics Shaping Women & Human Rights in China
Discussions in Politics, Governance and History
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Sino-Russian Relations
Chinese Environmental Conservation
Chinese Economics
The History of Jewish Harbin
Student Voice

Jumpstart your spring semester with the Beijing Janterm.Learn More

Classes that Bring Harbin to Life

Some of your classes will take you out into the city, to practice Chinese where it’s meant to be spoken. You might visit a teahouse, head to a local fruit market, or get a unique glimpse into the culture by interviewing a retiree. Go to a newspaper office with your newspaper class, or use the vocabulary you’ve mastered in your one-on-one class to interview experts in your field. On the way home, chat with your favorite veggie vendor—all in Chinese, of course.

Full-Time Language Pledge

All students uphold a full-time Chinese language pledge. There’s no denying that speaking Chinese 24/7 is hard. But we think it’s absolutely worth the effort. (And past students agree with us.) Just wait until the first time you wake up in the morning and realize that you dreamed in Chinese….

Curriculum & Syllabi

One-on-One Tutorial

You take this course:

CL501/502 One-on-One Tutorial
3 credits

The specific topic of study is up to you. You indicate your preferences prior to departure, and we work with you to create your one-on-one.

One-on-Two Class

You are placed into this course:

CL320 One-on-Two Drill
2 credits

You take this course with one other student who is at the same Chinese level.

Research Track

If you plan to attend graduate school or want to conduct independent research in China, consider the Research Track. The Research Track is open to advanced students who have taken at least four years of previous college-level Chinese.

You take a One-on-One Tutorial for double the regular hours. 6 credits.

You choose two courses from the program’s list of electives. We recommend that you elect Classical Chinese as one of your two choices. 6 credits/elective.

Faculty Advisory Committee

CET maintains a faculty advisory committee of US-based scholars that provides guidance and expertise, and helps shape program development.

Dr. Madeline Chu

Kalamazoo College

Professor of Chinese Language and Literature

Dr. Shu-chin Tsui

Bowdoin College

Associate Professor of Asian Studies and Film Studies

Dr. Baozhang He

College of the Holy Cross

Associate Professor of Chinese

Dr. Theresa Jen

University of Pennsylvania

Director, Lauder Chinese Language and Culture Program

Dr. Xianmin Liu

Vanderbilt University

Senior Lecturer in Chinese, Chinese Language Program Coordinator

Dr. Jingheng Ma

Wellesley College

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Scott McGinnis

Defense Language Institute

Academic Advisor, Professor

Dr. Claudia Ross

College of the Holy Cross

Professor of Chinese